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  • “Take your time decorating.”
  • “The kitchen is my favourite space in the house.”

Sarah and Barry Battle live in a new build bungalow in Ballina, County Mayo. They live in their beautiful home with their five young children Isabella, Alexander, Matilda and twins Blaise and Theo.
They describe their home as contemporary with a traditional mix.

They have high ceilings throughout and introduced some period style features. They wanted to make use of natural light as much as possible so they have an impressive courtyard built into the centre of their house. Sarah says the décor is very neutral and the colours compliment each other well. They wanted a house that works for their family and they have a playroom near the kitchen, and the outdoor play areas are visible from the kitchen too.

Here, Sarah Battle talks to Build & Renovate

For the design layout and concept of the house I got lots of inspiration from Magazines like beautiful irish interiors and pinterest , we worked with our engineer and had about 20 drafts from beginning to end. I always had the idea of a courtyard in mind. It is the centre of the house and allows the hall to be flooded with natural light. There is nearly two parts to the house, the front and back the front is where all thebedrooms are and the back is the living section said Sarah Battle.

“We always wanted lots of natural light in our home, and highceilings . Due to planning restrictions we were only able to build a bungalow. Yes I loved having the input for the design (and the experience of building our home), I was pregnant at the time so found that a little bit stressful and also getting around to pickimg things for the house. It was great to watch the build from start to finish and be so involved,” added Mrs Battle.

“In terms of the the style (of the house) is a mix of period features. I love Georgian houses and I love high ceilings and lots of contemporary modern features such as the glass corridor and sliding doors. Again I wasn’t on Instagram when building so relied on magazines and others Instagram accounts and Pintrest. I also love neutral décor and styling. I think my home has changed so much in the last year. But I have a very much a neutral tendency. I love fabrics and prints and patterns,” enthused Sarah.

As to her favourite spot in the house?

“The kitchen is my favourite space in the house, because I spend most of my time there. The playroom is just off the kitchen so the kids are always in view which is important as it is a family home. They love getting involved in the cooking and baking. We have a large dining table that we all sit around. The kitchen also has a vaulted ceiling with a rooflight so lots of natural light again.”

In terms of whether or not the Battles would change anything about their home?

“Yes loads, it’s not a good thing at all to be on Instagram I see so much fabulous inspiration daily but I think I would change the kitchen layout slightly and I’d change the decor in the bathrooms,” revealed Sarah.

In terms of advice she would give anyone about to embark on building their home?

“Take your time with decorating , don’t rush to get all bathrooms finished etc. I’d nearly just do the rooms you really need first. Live in the house for a while to get a feel for it and what you like,” concluded Sarah Battle.

Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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