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A Crisp Product with Expansion Plans in the Pipeline

In conversation with Aidan Stell

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  • "When people see the product, it gains momentum all the time."
  • "The gates are stronger straighter and lighter than steel and wood and virtually zero maintenance."

Aligates are a company based in the UK providing bespoke Aluminium gates for every occasion with exclusive Irish distributors Bespoke Aluminium Gates.ie based in Ireland. Aligates are custom Aluminium gates specialists ensuring the highest quality of materials and craftsmanship at every stage of your project.

The process is: for the assembly, they use their own extrusions from the mill. On arrival, the aluminium goes through a seven stage dipping process to clean, etch and polymer seal the extrusions both inside and out. This gives protection against the elements and forms the base for the perfect powder coating process.

After this, the extrusions are then dried and sent through our powder coating nozzles. Once coated, the extrusions then pass through their 24m oven to achieve the finish that is guaranteed to keep colour within 2 pan-tones for more than 15 years for all architectural finishes (structural). Once coated, a selection of the extrusions then go on to be wood grained using the sublimation process.

This produces more than 30 variations which also get the 15 year guarantee.
The process to produce the gates then heads to be cut to length with an accuracy of 0.1mm. Once cut to length, the profiles are then CNC machined for all the fixing points and any options ordered.

The next stage is to assemble the gates using a screw and cold-weld polyurethane adhesive process like that of the prestige car market. The automation strengthening and corners are all reinforced and bonded at the same time. The cold weld corners have more than 180kg/cm2 (2,600lbs per square inch) of holding power, stronger than traditional welded gates. The curing time to full strength is two to three days.

The advantages of this process are the exceptionality of the finished gate and the ability to coat the product fully inside and out which gives a superior and more durable paint finish over other processes.

“I’ve been involved in the gate automation business for 25 years and I was looking for an opportunity whereby we were working with steel gates for the last so many years and the style and trends have changed to contemporary with a big demand in sheeted gates. I came across Aligates on Instagram (last June) by chance and really liked how crisp the product looked,” said Aidan Stell.

“When we went over to the UK to meet with Aligates they explained to us the benefits of their system in comparison to other systems and there were a lot of progressive ideas and unlimited design options as well as being a very innovative company. The whole process is done within the one company with excellent quality standards with ideas for big, big expansion in the next few years.

Bespoke Aluminium Gates.ie supply mainly to the Gate Automation Sector and welcome new trade partners enquiries.

There are great improvements with the design of Aluminium gates. One of the biggest improvements in terms of Aluminium gates is probably the sliding gate with the hidden motor so basically you have a minimalist gate without a motor stuck on the back of the gate. Customers and Architects alike have been looking for a product that’s something different, he enthused

“We’ve made good sales since taking on this role and the product is really high end with a growing customer base. When people see the product, it gathers momentum all of the time.”

In terms of the future of Aligates on Irish shores?
“We can give people something that they haven’t seen before which isn’t possible going down the standard route. This product can be personalised and it isn’t a limited service. It’s clean, modern, contemporary and safer especially where you have young children around.

The gates are a lot lighter so they can be powered with a lot less power in a safer manner.
“This product has crispness that nobody else has and it is something different which this company can give the client in abundance. This is a piece of furniture at your entrance, it’s not just a gate,” concluded Aidan Stell.


Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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