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A forward way of thinking when it comes to architecture…

In conversation with Dylan Nolan of 3DnA Design

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  • “The models give clients the opportunity to fall in-love with their future home before the build even begins.”
  • “I found that many people have difficulty visualising 2D Plans."

Dylan Nolan of 3DnA Design is a young man with a passion for bringing designs to life using 3D printers. An idea that came to fruition during the pandemic, this Wexford based company has worked on over 63 projects island-wide. (with models also being delivered as far as New York City)

3DnA Design creates 3D printed models for clients that find 2D plans difficult to visualise, or those who have a design they’re proud of. This company’s physical, displayable models are great for those trying to visualise their design, but also serve as an excellent display piece once the house is built.

Your plans are re-drawn in a 3D modelling software to create 3D Print-ready models. These digital models are then 3D Printed over 40+ hours to turn your plans into physical, displayable objects.

Roofs & First floors are removable to reveal to scale people & furniture. Furnished models are complete with window & door frames, stone, timber & zinc cladding. 3DnA have recently begun offering site plans with their models, meaning you can have your garden, driveway, patio & garage modelled.

These are complete with artificial grass, tarmac & trees. 3DnA offers two model sizing options; 1:100 scale and 1:75 scale. These 3D printed models can be delivered island-wide two weeks from plan handover.

Dylan works closely with his clients to ensure that his models accurately meet their design expectations on time and on budget. Clients are invited to take control of the detailing, being able to send him the exact furnishing they would like to see in their model and he will replicate it.

Having had a keen interest in design & architecture from a young age and working part-time with a local architect in Enniscorthy town(P.Nolan Architecture), I found that many people have difficulty visualising 2D Plans. One client in particular mentioned to us about getting his plans turned into a 3D Printed Model in England, and this is when I first noticed a wide-open market in Ireland, said Dylan.

“Coincidentally, during the pandemic, my friend was 3D Printing PPE gear, and donating them to healthcare workers. I bought one of his printers and went from there. We now have four 3D Printers working 24/7.

“I think people are really enjoying what I do and the models are getting more and more popular, mainly on Instagram, where we have nearly 3,000 followers. I’m in constant contact with many selfbuild pages. I love seeing the projects come to life as I think they are amazing.

The models give clients the opportunity to fall in-love with their future home before the build even begins. The difference between our models and 3D renders and visualisations, is what happens when the house is built. Once the house is built, 3D renders can be simply lost in an email, but the 3D Printed Model will stay on display in the home forever. A fantastic display piece that serves as a constant reminder of the journey that is home building.

“I can’t wait to see what the future holds for the business. I began studying Architecture in WIT last September, but quickly realised that the course wasn’t for me and I decided to take a break from education to pursue this business.I’m delighted to be doing this so it doesn’t feel like work at all,’’ finished Dylan.


Words: Emer Kelly Images: Webpress

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