A wonderful example of an arts and crafts cottage…

Jackie Tracey talks to Build & Renovate about a modern renovation project on a fabulous cottage

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  • "We chose a neutral colour palette."
  • "There is lots of research involved."
  • "The house was made entirely of wood."

Jackie Tracey Interiors is a full service residential design studio assisting clients with a wide range of design challenges including selection of architectural details and finishes and collaboration with architects and building contractors.

This company brings together a team of professionals to suit the design requirements and individuality of each project. They will source all internal finishes, fixtures and fittings, furniture, fabrics, accessories and custom pieces curated especially for your unique living space.

Jackie Tracey Interiors mission is to create beautiful functional spaces to be lived in and adored by our clients. From large scale development projects to a simple, quick makeover, the design team at Jackie Tracey Interiors will expertly reflect your personal style and taste.

Here, Ms Tracey talks to Build & Renovate about a project she was involved with recently.
“This protected structure is a wonderful example of an arts and crafts cottage. The project was a complete renovation of the existing structure which had become dilapidated. We were recommended to the owners by a previous client and we worked on this complete renovation as part of the design team,” said Jackie Tracey.

As to the design brief for this project?
“The owners were keen to preserve the character of the house and so following consultation with the Local Conservation Authority, we set about preserving as many of the original features as possible.

“We chose a neutral colour palette with a modern take on a country cottage feel. We accented with pastels and natural fabrics. Splashes of geometrics and metallic accessories lifted the cream and contrasting dark wood palette,” enthused Ms Tracey.

“In the hallway, we picked out the stunning architectural details by painting the coving and architraves a couple of shades darker than the adjoining tongue and groove panelling. We re-instated a picture rail to accentuate the high ceilings and we chose window treatments to showcase the stunning original wood windows.We went with a mixture of both bespoke furniture and unique finds to furnish this unique space.

“In terms of spatial planning, as all the rooms were relatively small in size, choosing the correct furniture proportions was critical! Storage solutions were also well considered and installed floor to ceiling to make the best use of the available space.

“Restoration work is most definitely a labour of love. It takes time and patience. There is lots of research involved, searching the internet for replacement fixtures and fittings, collaboration with the Local Authority, plus the actual restoration work itself is slow,” she enthused.

“In this particular project, the house was made entirely of wood, and each and every timber lovingly brought back to life. We worked meticulously to preserve as many of the features as possible such as the fireplaces, windows, doors, floorboards and tongue and groove panelling in the hallway.”

In terms of the technical elements in this project?

“We modernised the property by installing insulation and double glazing in the original wood-framed windows. Fitted wardrobes and floor to ceiling in-frame fireplace cabinets were designed and installed. We also installed a new kitchen, a new bathroom, a gas heating system alongside a wood burning stove in the kitchen’s stunning original fireplace.

“We were delighted to be able to breathe new life into this one of a kind protected structure! There is something really magical about bringing back to life an old building and turning it into a liveable, much loved family home. The owners were absolutely thrilled with the results, affirming at the end of the project ‘it is even better than we imagined!,” revealed Ms Tracey.

For anyone who may be reading this article and potentially about to embark on a similar type of project, what words of wisdom would Jackie offer them?
“Planning is so important when it comes to this type of work! I would definitely recommend you get in touch with the relevant authorities to ascertain what you can and can’t do before beginning any design works. Their input will dictate to a large extent the overall design and scope of works.

“It can be fun to add a little texture and colour to a cottage scheme like this. Florals, stripes or geometrics can add a little personality and really add to the charm.

Here, we added modern geometric tiles to a country kitchen which brought in a little colour to the scheme and helped tie the room together in a fun way! Go all out with the finishing touches, a character property like this one can take quirky pieces so be as daring as you like! concluded Jackie Tracey.


    Words: Emer KellyImages: Jackie Tracey

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