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Apex explain the ‘beauty,’ of spray foam insulation…

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  • "We will guarantee a 40% saving annually on your heating bills by installing spray foam."
  • "A lot of our work would come through referrals."

Apex Spray Foam Insulation is a Wicklow based insulation company that services the whole of Leinster specialising in both home and commercial insulation using open cell spray foam and closed cell spray foam insulation.

This company have been working in the insulation sector for more than 15 years. They only use NSAI certified products and obey all Irish building regulations.

“We strive to do everything by the book whilst saving the home owner money on their energy bills. People are guaranteed to save money on an install that we do as the job is done for life, there is also a lifetime guarantee on the product. A lot of our work would come through referrals,” said Tom.

“The beauty of spray foam is, it is an airtight product so there will be no cold air coming in through the roof and it also has a much better thermal performance.

No cold air enters the property, no warm air leaves the house, so all of the heat that is in your home will remain there.

Spray foam insulation is a fantastic product and the spray foam that we use is a German product and it is made to a very high standard.

“We will guarantee a 40% saving annually on your heating bills by installing spray foam. Naturally enough, people will price around if they are going to insulate their house as that keeps the market healthy for both ourselves and our customers.

Make sure that you choose the right contractor, read the reviews and listen to the information that they are giving you. A ventilation card is key and NSAI certification is also imperative,” added Tom.

Words: Emer Kelly Images: Webpress

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