Ash Gannon of Blue Robin Interiors chats to Emer Kelly

“All of our work is specific to the particular house and client.”

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  • “Long-term trends is the way that interior design is moving in terms of sustainability and back towards nature.”
  • “Hidden larders and breakfast presses are becoming more prominent in kitchen design when it comes to making the kitchen space more architectural, keeping countertops clear of clutter."

Blue Robin Interiors offer a wide range of high-quality, innovative interior design services, at all investment levels, in order to achieve this. Their interior design schemes are highly personalised, capturing that special something which appeals to the souls of their clients.

The team seek to increase the sense of well-being and belonging in your home and make life easier through their carefully thought out designs.

Blue Robin Interiors signature style is a mixture of the contemporary with the classic and they consistently create schemes which are timeless, elegant and elevated. Designs are subtly ‘nature inspired’ and ‘fresh’, with a warmth of atmosphere – all things which contribute to good health and well-being in the home.

They have access to some of the finest Luxury designer fabrics and wall coverings in the world – including Thibaut, Lewis & Wood, Johnston’s of Elgin, Houlès and many others.

They are also constantly building on their collection of fabrics made on the island of Ireland.

Their services include Room in a Box, Full Design Service, Done in a Day and Residential Dressing.

They also provide a Staged Service offering home and colour consultation; soft furnishings, furniture layout plans with shopping lists available in any order or just one.

One of our main and most popular services is a Room in a Box which is a remote service where everything you need to carry out a room transformation is provided in a luxury box format. We design the room for you and provide you with fabric samples, supplier lists, furniture layout plans and 3D imagery, said Ash Gannon.

“All of our work is specific to the particular house, the room, the style of the house and it is very important that the homeowners personality is in the design and that they feel comfortable in their home whilst making it distinctly theirs.

“I think it is important that homeowners think about how much work they want to do at one time and have a budget in mind because sometimes they might want to do everything at one go but it might not always be possible to do a lot of work together due to budget constraints so by having a chat with me, we can prioritise the work that has to be done and how we can make the most of what they want to spend at that time,’’ she enthused.

“Long-term trends is the way that interior design is moving in terms of sustainability and back towards nature. Popular paint colours currently include pink and all its shades are having a definite moment now, pink has a calming effect and it instantly relaxes us whilst adding a bit of vibrancy.

Green is also very popular as it reconnects us to the natural world whilst creating tranquillity and a very  elegant feel to your home.

There is a definite move towards browns, terracotta and warmer greige- the combination of grey and beige.

“Black hardware taps and appliances as well as brass accessories have overtaken chrome as we see a preference for warmer schemes.  Hidden larders and breakfast presses are becoming more prominent in kitchen design when it comes to making the kitchen space more architectural,  keeping countertops clear of clutter.

We also see kitchen up stands of marble and the like, extending up to under the kitchen wall units, which looks amazing and a preference for shelving rather than wall units, to keep kitchen spaces feeling larger and to add personality by displaying personal items, as well as crockery and glass.

In general there is a trend towards ‘slow fashion,’ if you will, where there is a growing appreciation and trend towards handmade items in the home- things made with care to last a lifetime- and we are so lucky here in Ireland to have such amazing makers and local producers, really facilitating the trend towards sustainability in interior design going forward, concluded Ash Gannon.



Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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