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In conversation with Adam of Sleepwell Beds

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  • "We can custom build any type of bed for the customer."
  • "It's hard work but we're glad we went out on our own."

Sleepwell Beds are quality, handmade beds, bespoke headboards, bedding boxes and five star quality mattresses. This is a family business based in Cavan.

“We have brought a lot of the styles in from the UK but we make all of the beds ourselves and we started the business just before the pandemic began. The business has had its ups and downs but it has been enjoyable meeting the customers,” said Adam.

“We are a nationwide company. We have designed the toddler bed as well as the Vegas bed which has storage completely underneath the bed.

I had worked for another company along with two other lads that work for the company for five years and then we decided to take a chance ourselves and it has all worked out.

“It’s hard work but we’re glad we went out on our own. A lot of our work is word of mouth as well as social media which is great. We’re delighted to have customers that are happy with our work.

“In the not too distant future, we would like to work on dining room and bedroom furniture as well as sofas. We would also like to grow the business,” he enthused.

We can custom build any type of bed for the customer, all of our beds are made here in Ireland and the only items imported are the high end materials Concluded Adam

Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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