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Continual expansion on the horizon for Kitchen World…

In conversation with Brian Redmond

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  • "We are also looking to open and expand within our retail area and we're also expanding in the commercial market."
  • "Colours are also becoming more prominent in this space, home owners want to have a bit of fun."

In 1977, the family run business Kitchen World set out with a goal to establish a market-leading Irish kitchen brand. Their values are simple – to provide the best-designed products at prices to suit all budgets – designer kitchens you can afford.

40 years on, Kitchen World has advanced significantly, with seven showrooms nationwide and a team of experienced design experts.

Over the years, this company have understood the importance of listening to their customers – this has allowed them to become Ireland’s leading manufacturer of fitted kitchens and bedroom furniture.

By keeping their promises to create stunning, long-lasting handmade Irish kitchens, this company have gained the loyalty of repeat clients.

“Kitchens now are much more functional and they are actually no longer a kitchen, they are a part of the living area.

People are using the kitchen more and more as a meet and greet place rather than just a kitchen.

Islands, seating areas and peninsulas are very important and the dining space can encapsulate into an open space.

The kitchen is now a furniture item in an open space rather than just a functional item in the corner,” said Brian Redmond.

“A kitchen is now multi-faceted and it is no longer just for cooking, people see it as an entertainment centre. People use their island as a space to have their coffee and put on some music.

It is very important that everything looks chic, sleek and slimline as well as having clean lines rather than it just being a functional kitchen. This space is becoming more of a fashion item whilst also being design led

“Colours are also becoming more prominent in this space, home owners want to have a bit of fun. Kitchens are the vocal point of the house and it is no longer a hidden space.” Said Mr Redmond.

As to how the short term future looks for Kitchen World?

“We are opening up a new showroom in Munster in the next few months which is very exciting. We have also recently introduced a German range of kitchens and we are supplying that both in the commercial and retail sectors. We are looking at becoming more design lead.

We are also looking to open and expand within our retail area and we’re also expanding in the commercial market,” concluded Mr Redmond.



Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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