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Denise McGrath of Feathers Home Interiors talks to Emer Kelly

“It is the feature pieces that make your place a home.”

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  • “We have an exciting brand that we’re launching in August; Swyft Sofas - Sofa in a Box.”
  • “Everyone is stripping back their lives and going for a more minimalist look whilst being true to themselves.”

At Feathers Home Interiors, owner Denise McGrath is delighted to bring her vision to you, her customers.

Home decor products are ethically sourced from small independent suppliers, creatives and makers across the world. These products are available in limited numbers and new product pieces are added regularly. If a product a customer desires is out of stock or if there is a particular piece they are looking for, Denise will try to source it for you.

Feathers Home Interiors will not be found on large online marketplaces. If you are looking for something unique for your home, Feathers Home Interiors is the place for you! We believe your personality is a key part of styling your home.

My husband and I bought an old house in 2015 and we renovated it ourselves; being budget conscious, I found it really hard to find pieces that were just a little bit different and I started to do some research. I always had a passion for interiors and design and the business evolved from sourcing interiors for our own house, explained Denise McGrath.

“When the pandemic began, I decided to bite the bullet and set up an online store. Making my stock affordable and bespoke is helped by being online as I don’t have to pay overheads for a space, hence why I can offer my products at competitive prices.

“My motto is to make a place a home! When you take everything out of a room it is a flat and empty space and it is your choice of interiors and feature pieces that make that room part of your home. We have cleints throughout Ireland with the majority in the West of Ireland. We deliver to their door, so accessibility is key,’’ revealed Ms McGrath.

As to certain trends Denise may see coming down the tracks over the next number of months?
“I can see earthy tones and more brass accessories and recycled wood used. Various shades of pinks, greens and beiges are going to be popular.

The lovely earthy, birch green up to neon green are going to be very big. Trends are great way to find inspiration for you home. Our Instagram account is consistently updated with our new and exciting products, autumn pieces will be available from August.

“Post pandemic, everyone is stripping back their lives and going more minimalist whilst being true to themselves. So many people have focused on making their home a place rather than somewhere we go to and from in daily life. Throughout the pandemic, home has become a sanctuary and people have really started to invest in their homes.”

In terms of the future of Feathers Home Interior?
“I’m quite used to the highs and lows of the business world so I would very much ‘go with the flow.’ The pandemic has taught everyone that no one knows what is around the corner. I’m lucky in the sense that I don’t have a bricks and mortar shop that I have to worry about, it is just our warehouse of stock.

Transport costs have gone up but the companies that I work with are fantastic and we’re constantly negotiating deals trying to make sure that we don’t have to increase the price of the products. We can’t predict what is going to happen in the future so I’m very much working month by month,’’ imparted Denise.

“We have an exciting brand with a unique approach that we’re launching in August; Swyft Sofa – it’s Sofa in a Box. John Lewis has exclusivity in the UK and we have exclusivity in Ireland. If you are living in an apartment, house or duplex the sofa gets delivered to you in a number of boxes, and requires minimal self assembly. Swyft sofas are of amazing quality and Handmade in Portugal,’’ concluded Ms McGrath.



Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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