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Design trends have changed over the last few years

George Quinn Ltd was established over 65 years ago to supply turned wooden components for the furniture industry.

“Overtime, we developed ranges of stair parts and are now Ireland’s leading manufacturer and distributor of stair parts for use in both the manufacturing of new staircases and renovating existing staircases.

We supply stair parts to Ireland’s leading staircase manufacturers. Our products are also sold in 40 stockist nationwide,” said Martin McGinn.

“George Quinn Ltd supply the largest selection of stair parts products in Ireland in a variety of different materials to suit every taste from the modern to traditional collections.

Not only do we provide timber spindles but we also stock the Urbana glass collection and the Matrix metal round. A unique product in the George Quinn Ltd portfolio is our stair cladding range of steps pre-finished which provide the perfect solution in renovating your existing staircase steps to oak or walnut.

We also manufacture special bespoke designs for customers and architects.

This service also includes the reproduction of old designs to match mainly existing older buildings which are being renovated.”


When it comes to stair design, is there a particular style that is standing out more than another?

“Design trends have changed over the last few years away from a natural turned show wood like our Achill Collection to more simple minimalists’ designs.

A popular design trend is ‘mix & match,’ which essentially means mixing natural timber steps, handrails, newel posts and caps with white painted spindles which results in a dynamic combination in any staircase.

“Glass still remains a popular choice but the trend now is for metal spindles and White Oak handrails. The Matrix metal round and square collections is our fastest growing range.

Is there anything that a homeowner should consider when it comes to designing stairs?

“When designing a new staircase it must comply with Irish Document ‘K,’ building regulation.

Staircases have become more a fashion statement. Remember, it’s the first piece of furniture we see as we enter through the front door.

Choose a design suits your taste and general home design. Other factors to be considered are the shape of the hallway for example if a centre staircase is desired or a curved staircase then the hallway must have adequate space to safely facilitate such a design,” finished Mr McGinn.

Words: Emer KellyImages: George Quinn Ltd

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