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Dublin Landscaping is the company, Landscaping Dublin is the business!

Ronan MacSweeney of Dublin Landscaping talks to Build & Renovate

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  • "Dublin Landscaping employs several staff and we're privileged to be in Dublin with so many clients and suppliers."
  • "Generally Autumn and Winter are the best times for building and planting your garden."

Dublin Landscaping Ltd is an established company which delivers its services to private/ corporate and public gardens.

Here, Ronan MacSweeney of Dublin Landscaping discusses his business.

Build & Renovate: How is the business going?

Ronan MacSweeney: All is well thanks, we’ve a consistent flow of work and repeat customers. Some of our clients we’ve gotten very close to over the years. Most of our business comes from referrals which is a much more relaxed way to do business.

I started trading in 2006 after qualifying with a Higher national Diploma in Landscape design. I’ve never looked back. I then went on to study horticulture and then business studies. We’ve been able to adapt in both good and bad times. Dublin Landscaping employs several staff and we’re privileged to be in Dublin with so many clients and suppliers. We have another catch phrase, ‘Dublin Landscaping is the company, Landscaping Dublin is the Business.’

B&R: What services do you provide?

RMS: Concepts through to completion! Turning old gardens into new and new built houses into homes with our bespoke services.

A consultation with the clients is required where we listen to their requirements and come up with solutions. The space is accessed, measured and a suitable design and implementation process is presented outlining materials and costs etc.

We’ve long standing maintenance contracts for big developments and corporations, four of which we’ve held for 10 plus years which is a testament to our work ethic; one of which I’ve been appointed head gardener for 12 years now improving and maintaining a top-ranking Ambassador’s residence.

B&R: Would you work nationwide or do you cover specific counties?

RMS: Generally we keep our services to Dublin and North Wicklow as we’re located on the south side of the city but we cross the Liffey when we get a call.

B&R: Have you any advice/ tips to give to homeowners who may be wondering what they should be doing in their garden as we approach the Autumn/ Winter months?

RMS: There’s pros and cons for each season, but generally Autumn and Winter are the best times for building and planting your garden.

The first reason being once built you have your garden ready for next summer to enjoy, and unless you have a landscaper booked in for the growing season good luck trying to get one when they’re up to their eyes as the phone is constantly ringing.

Top tip, book us in for January and February as we’re not running off our feet with everyone wanting our services but as soon as March arrives it’s all hands on deck.

Plants and in particular planting in the Autumn gives them a better chance of thriving as you don’t need to water and care for them the same way if planted in the Summer with long hot days and hose pipe bans etc. spring bulbs get planted in Autumn and provide massive satisfaction when they pop their heads up after our long winter.

B&R: Over the next couple of years what would some of your short term goals for the business be?

RMS: To keep everyone employed healthy and happy. We’ve all got families and loved ones. None of the above is possible if it wasn’t for the staff who are really good at their jobs and appreciated and liked by our clients.

We’re very approachable and welcome new business all the time. Check out our website as we provide garden sheds and Christmas trees and we have been supporting the Dublin SPCA for about seven or eight years now.



Images: Webpress Words: Emer Kelly

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