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Graphenstone- a game changer to the Irish market…

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  • "Graphestone is a relatively new product to the Irish market."
  • "Our paints are highly breathable, they will not crack, peel or flake."

Graphenstone is one of the most certified sustainable paints company in the world and they are seeking to change the way you paint.

This company offer ‘harm-free,’ paints and primers with some of the products’ unique characteristics including natural VOC free paints, chemical and preservative free, air purifying (removing CO2 and other toxins), fully breathable, hard-wearing and available in 980 ultra matte colours.

“Graphestone is a relatively new product to the Irish market but the innovations that they have used in creating the product is everything it says it is and it is good as it is. It is very suitable and appropriate to the Irish market despite it being made to suit the global market,” explained Pat Gately.

“If you paint your house with a Graphenstone product, it is less likely to need a ‘touch up,’ on exterior areas as it is much more weather durable and it can also offer many more benefits internally where you might have traditional issues like mould, condensation or peeling, it won’t do that once the area is prepared correctly,” added Michael Colbert.

“Our product is also very well suited to a person who may be asthmatic, they could paint their bedroom that morning and sleep in it that night. The product has been well received by early adopters but it hasn’t been received by the masses just yet,” imparted Pat.

As to why home owners should purchase Graphenstone products for their home?

“For exterior use in Ireland, Graphenstone paint will last longer because they are so much more breathable in comparison to conventional paints. Our paints are highly breathable, they will not crack, peel or flake.

If moisture does get in, it can get back out again. Internally, all of the paints are washable as well as being class one abrasion resistant.

They also improve interior air quality as they are naturally anti-mould, anti-bacterial and anti-condensation,” added Pat.

“Graphenstone is the sustainable paint solution for Architects, Designers and Home Owners who want to make a difference,” enthused Michael.

Words: Emer KellyImages: Graphenstone Ireland

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