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Growth on the horizon for Andrew’s Garden Furniture

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  • "At the moment, we're working on a lot of pergolas, sheds, fencing and playhouses, no two days are every the same."
  • "I enjoy making different things with timber."

Andrew’s Garden Furniture delivery a quality wooden product with high standard finished. Each product has been made with love and passion. Choose from a wide range of their playhouses, towers, to a customised garden shed or unique and beautiful home and garden wooden furniture, this company can make it!

I wanted to be a Mechanic but it wasn’t a possibility for me, my Dad signed me up for college to become a Carpenter and I began getting interested in it and that became my hobby as well as my work. I enjoy making different things with timber, explained Andrew

“Throughout the pandemic, we were really busy, things have quietened down a bit but there is still enough work for myself and my colleagues to be working on.

One of my colleagues left school and came to work for me and he is very gifted and I’m very lucky to work alongside him as he is very talented and I’m glad we have become close colleagues, I’m delighted to be able to teach him what I know and I’ve no doubt that he has a very successful future in carpentry ahead of him.

“At the moment, we’re working on a lot of pergolas, sheds, fencing and playhouses, no two days are every the same. We are based in Portlaoise but we deliver nationwide and the price will include delivery and installation.

In terms of the short term goals for Andrew’s Garden Furniture?

“I would like to expand the business by moving to a bigger premises as well as adding more products to my product range,” concluded Andrew.



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