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HeatVision are turning up the dial when it comes to heating systems!

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  • “I’m setting up an apprenticeship programme at the moment.”
  • “A smart heating system wouldn’t work on every house, for example if you had an old boiler, it wouldn’t work as efficiently.”

HeatVision is a premium plumbing & heating company based in County Dublin. Established in 2018, the team has expanded year on year providing a high quality service all around the country. In 2021, they won two awards at the National Plumbing & Heating awards.

HeatVision are a team of fully qualified engineers who are experts in installing and repairing smart home heating systems such as Hive and Nest. Their services include boiler repair and replacement, plumbing service and bathrooms.

“I’ve taken on two new members of staff recently so we’re a growing company who specialise in retrofitting A-rated gas boilers and we also install heat pumps and a lot of smart heating controls. We specialise in lowering carbon emissions as much as we possibly can as that is a massive issue at the moment,’’ explained Stephen Lambe.
“We would install approximately 10 smart home heating systems a week. With these systems, everything can be monitored on your phone and you can see when the heating is going on, where you are losing heat, you can also split the zones rather than heating the entire house.

We also fit the Hive system which would be more expensive but it has a thermostat on each radiator which controls each radiator individually. It is the most efficient system on the market right now. There are grants available from the Government to the value of €750 for this system, he enthused.

“A smart heating system wouldn’t work on every house, for example if you had an old boiler, it wouldn’t work as efficiently.

As to the short term future of HeatVision?
“Materials are the biggest problem I’m facing and we are seeing a slight slowdown in comparison to last month but I’m not too worried about the future of the business as I have great clients and I have a good few decent contracts

“I’m setting up an apprenticeship programme at the moment so apprentices will do a two hour course online with me each week.

We have found that when apprentices come on site they don’t know what they have to do and they end up leaving the company as they are embarrassed about the situation,’’ concluded Stephen Lambe.



Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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