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I absolutely love what I do!

In conversation with Franky Whittle of My Home Office

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  • "I'm a carpenter by trade and I would have spent 25 years on building sites."
  • "They really are an extension to your home."

At myhomeoffice.ie, Franky Whittle offers high end bespoke garden offices and rooms to suit any and all needs.

Using the highest quality materials, this company will design your room to your desire. From work offices to yoga studios, bedrooms to chill out rooms, they will build your garden space to exact detail.

“The business started as a result of the pandemic as clients didn’t want to have their work in their home, they wanted to have a separate space and differentiate between work and home.

I also had clients who moved their businesses out of premises that they would have been renting and relocated to their home as they had the garden space,” explained Frankie Whittle.

“I’m a carpenter by trade and I would have spent 25 years on building sites.

I was sick of the building site along with the physicality of it and having seen a spread on garden offices when I was reading the paper, I went to the hardware store the following day to buy materials and I made my very first one from that, I should have started this business long before I did as I absolutely love what I do.

“These rooms are a room within itself and with the specifications that I put into them, they really are an extension to your home.

I’ve gotten advice from Engineers on the correct methods used on how to build my units as I want to do it right for my customers.

There are an awful lot of cowboy builders out there so I actively I encourage customers to contact former clients of mine so they can do some homework on me.

“I will detail every one of my costs to the customer in their bill along with getting them to ask me as many questions as they like, people can WhatsApp me anytime and I will get back to you immediately whilst answering your questions simply due to the fact that my customers don’t work in the construction industry and they need to understand what my work entails.

“I’m in constant contact with my client from beginning to end with each project.

I don’t work on more than one unit at any time. The client makes all of the decisions from the colour of the floors, external cladding to the positioning of sockets.

My units are bespoke and they are all about the clients needs,” added Mr Whittle.

Words: Emer KellyImages: My Home Office

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