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I always loved this house as it has all the nooks and crannies!

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  • "Our home would be a very broad range of elements."
  • "I feel that we should have concentrated more on downstairs and made it a bigger area."

Jacqui and Robert Naughton live in a renovated village home in County Mayo. The home had been in Robert’s family when the couple purchased it in 2020. Originally built in the early 1900’s, the property had seen many uses over the years, including formerly being a girls’ secondary school. The home had been vacant for a few years before they moved in, so they completely renovated the property to make it into a warm family home.

Mrs Naughton who works as an Interior Stylist describes the home as having a traditional country style and is proud that they have been able to bring back some of the characters of this historical building which had been lost over the years. The couple loves the transformation that they have brought to the original building and how they’ve retained its uniqueness but also made it into a cosy and welcoming home.

“My husband’s parents bought the house in the 1970’s and it is one of the oldest houses in Foxford town. When my in-laws bought the property, the did a lot of renovation work to it themselves and when they passed away, it was sitting idle for a few years.

We had built a house previous to that and it was too big for us, so we decided that this house would be an opportunity to downsize and my husband is fantastic at renovation work. I always loved this house as it has all the nooks and crannies!,” said Jacqui Naughton.

“Being an interior stylist means that there is definitely a couple of things that I would change. We did the majority of the work ourselves and the only outside contractors were an electrician and a plumber. Originally my husband had wanted to extend the kitchen and I’m sorry that I didn’t let him! As much as I love the kitchen, I would love it be a couple of feet wider. I feel that we should have concentrated more on downstairs and made it a bigger area.

“We were here everyday from morning until night, we thought the house would have taken us two years to do but with the pandemic we were able to work on it over the course of 12 months. We’re living in the house two years and it genuinely is fabulous!”

Originally, there were eight bedrooms in the house but with a smaller family it didn’t make sense to keep them so Jacqui and Robert decided to maximise the space they already had. The couple knocked lots of walls and created a more open space consisting of four generously sized bedrooms, an additional bathroom, and an open-plan landing. Downstairs, the removal of more walls got rid of the dark hallway and gave them an open living area and a large bright kitchen.

In terms of where Jacqui’s favourite place in the house would be?

“We spend a lot of time in the kitchen with family and friends which is lovely but when I’m here on my own, there is a middle room which is tiny but there is a stove in there and it is very cosy in there, I love it! Our home would be a very broad range of elements and a lot of people would say that our home is very ‘homely,’ and ‘warm.’

“When it came to getting furniture for the house, I would have looked in antique shops and Facebook market place as some of the stuff that came up was fabulous! Nowadays things have become so expensive so it is important to shop around and source the cheaper option that looks just as good,” added Jacqui.

For more gorgeous content from Jacqui and her stunning home, check out her page on Instagram.com/@old_school_house_1952


Words: Emer KellyImages: RTÉ Press Office

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