I like to design homes that can be lived in!

In conversation with Karen Feeney of LOVE Architecture

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  • "We also have more planned open spaced living, with spaces such as a snug, that can close off."

LOVE Architecture is an Architecture firm that finds any form of building design enjoyable, but has a special fondness for the intricacies of home design.

“One thing we don’t discuss enough in architecture is how the design of a building influences our emotions; for example, small, dim areas can feel restrictive, while spacious, and bright areas evoke feelings of freedom, energy and lightness.

In addition to these rules of thumb, a well-designed home should also focus on social interaction, good lighting and order. In my opinion, in achieving these, we achieve the feminine quality of a home, which includes nurturing, health and order.

I like to design homes that can be lived in and run with ease,” said Karen Feeney.

In terms of design, what is Ms Feeney seeing creep into the home more and more?

“The idea of the pantry is hugely popular and I love it because it removes clutter from the kitchen area. Pantries are now bigger, with outlets, good lighting and ventilation, which is ideal for slow-cooking during the day.

“We also have more planned open spaced living, with spaces such as a snug, that can close off.

This is a really nice idea as it is a little private room where the adults can chill, while kids entertain friends in the kitchen. It can also double as a yoga room, or office space.

“Homeowners are not really interested in wide open spaces anymore, they are going back to zoning their rooms and making sure all spaces have a function and good energy.

“In the design stage, everything gets designed and zoned which means that everything will have its place.

As to why people should contact LOVE Architecture?

“One of the biggest things I do would be spending time getting to know my clients as well as spending many hours designing spaces that work with their budget, their site and their style,” finished Karen Feeney.

Words: Emer KellyImages: LOVE Architecture

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