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If the customer likes a soft, medium or firm bed, we have something for everyone!

In conversation with Brian McCann, Managing Director of DFI Beds

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  • "We try to go above and beyond for our customers."
  • "Things are going from strength to strength for us and we're really positive about the future."

DFI Beds is home to Ireland’s largest online bedding retailer. With more than 20 years in the online bedding business, DFI Beds understand the importance of high quality product and great service at an affordable price.Currently DFI Beds offer a wide range of mattresses, headboards and Divan bases.

Their wide range of mattresses include orthopaedic, memory foam and hotel quality. Every single product DFI Beds sell has been hand made in Ireland.

Their products are made from the finest raw materials and have been designed by sleep experts and adjusted to give their customers the best nights sleep.


As to any advice he would offer customers in advance of purchasing a bed?

“I often say it isn’t the most expensive bed that is bed suited to people. On our website, we have a firmness reader for each bed and that goes from soft to firm to everything in between, the beds are independently tested by the team here and our production experts know exactly what they are putting into the mattress to make it to each degree of firmness. If the customer likes a soft, medium or firm bed, we have something for everyone!”

We try to go above and beyond for our customers, we offer competitive prices and we also have our own team of delivery drivers so orders will be dispatched quite quickly said Brian McCann


When it comes to what the short term future holds for the company?

We are launching a whole range of bedding accessories which will include dog and cat beds in the coming weeks, we are also launching a range of children’s novelty beds and we are also expanding our range with Erin McGregor, her new range will launch in mid July and it features some new styles and colours . We had a huge boom during the pandemic and the business has grown year on year, we opened a shop post pandemic and we have another shop opening this year. Things are going from strength to strength for us and we’re really positive about the future,” concluded Mr McCann.

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