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If you imagine it, Irish Woodcraft can make it!

Kieran and David of Irish Wood Crafts talk to Build & Renovate

Story Highlights
  • “At the moment we are passionate about buying Irish and local because that is what keeps businesses like ours operating.”
  • “All of our products are bespoke and we encourage our customers to engage with us on the design so that it is perfect for them and exactly what they want.”

Irish Woodcraft is the home of bespoke living with a range that spans from bespoke furniture to décor and accessories in your home and more.

This family business started life when David bought Kieran a woodturning lathe for his 12th birthday. From a small workshop with that very lathe and a box of wood chisels they have now grown into a company that employs many people and, having a very proficient understanding of technology, they combine their old-world passion for woodcraft with new world technology to create just about anything. If you can imagine it, they can make it.

Although customers can buy many of their products directly from their web shop, they like to engage with their customers and encourage them to not just settle for what you see on the high street, or in their web shop.

Let them know what you actually want, a product or piece of furniture that is unique to you and fits your needs. Why settle for anything less?

Although many companies say that they do their bit for the environment, Irish Woodcraft actually do! They only use FSC certified hardwoods from sustainable sources as well as sponsor the replanting of thousands of trees every year.

All of their composite materials are also sourced from sustainable sources, manufactured by Coillte, the Irish National Forestry service.

“We had done a lot of work with wood but we had never really planned on having a woodcraft business. Initially when we started out, we had done a lot of wood turning, especially lamps, bowls and wooden vases. We also sold a lot of hardwood chopping boards and wall art which were sold through our website and on Amazon, but we no longer do this.

From there, we grew and became more involved in bespoke joinery making console tables, dining tables, sideboards and all manner of bespoke furniture,’’ explained David.

“As we began to get busier and expand more, the funds were there to invest in much more high tech machinery. Our goal was to work on larger furniture items, particularly very high quality tables. Our emphasis at the moment is on tables and 95% of our business at the moment is dining tables, coffee tables, console tables as well as bedroom furniture, such as chests of drawers, television units, kitchen islands and larder units.

All of our products are bespoke and we encourage our customers to engage with us on the design so that it is perfect for them and exactly what they want.” added Kieran.

“Our main challenge is competing with the influx of cheap, very low quality, imported furniture that has flooded the market. Most Irish furniture stores stock this and have little interest supporting local producers. Our products are worlds apart in terms of quality and craftmanship.

We are genuinely passionate about buying Irish and are very proud to be able to say that everything we use is sourced locally.

Of course, some of the machinery is not manufactured in Ireland but we buy that from local suppliers and not from European suppliers” was David’s opinion on keeping things true to the name of ‘Irish’ Woodcraft and using locally sourced supplies.

Buying Irish and buying local is what keeps small business like ours operating. We are a proud member Guaranteed Irish and all of our products carry the Guaranteed Irish symbol. For our customers, this means they can shop our products in confidence knowing quality and professionalism is in everything we do is what Kieran had to say.

“Going forward, we plan to have another two employees working in the company by the end of 2022 as we are growing steadily. Nothing phases us when it comes to our work, we’re geared up now in terms of skills, technology and knowledge to make anything and in this sort of business anything could be the next big thing. There is nothing that we’re not ready for!,’’ concluded Kieran and David.


Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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