I’m delighted that I’ve started the business!

In conversation with Sarah Costelloe of HausOlogy Design Studio

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  • “I’ve always kind of messed with houses.”
  • “Your home is your refuge from day to day stresses as well as it being somewhere you need to feel calm and be able to relax.”
  • “Using Interior designers is definitely something that is starting to make sense for Irish people.”

Sarah Costelloe is the creative director and owner of HausOlogy Design Studio based in the beautiful seaside village of Malahide, North County Dublin.

Sarah has more than 25 years of business experience having worked with global multinationals for most of her career and also has experience in project management which enables her to bring her projects to life.
She has a degree in Business & Marketing and a Post-Grad Dip (Hons) in Interior Design.

She is a member of the Interiors Association of Ireland – a multifaceted organisation which supports professional accredited designers in Ireland, ensuring adherence to a professional code of ethics.
Sarah’s passion for Interiors, furniture design and art made it an easy decision to move into interior design as a full time career.

Her love of photography as a hobby enables her to see things through a different lens and to fully understand layout and composition.

Sarah promotes design for health and wellness, by designing spaces to ensure your home is a stress free, relaxing environment for easy everyday living.

We know now more than ever, how precious our planet is and Hausology Design is committed to presenting our clients with the more sustainable options when it comes to designing their home.

There are many choices available when it comes to each material and furnishing option, but it’s understanding which are truly more sustainable and eco-friendly.

We consider every supplier we use and look into each of their manufacturing processes to understand their commitment to sustainability. We urge our clients to buy better lifetime lasting products, use more natural products for furnishings and furniture, and upcycle existing furniture where it makes sense.

“We would have moved a bit when we were children and my Mum was always knocking walls down to allow light flow through the house, creating bigger areas and changing out the internal doors and adding small panes of glass to improve the light. My sister also studied Interior Design, so it’s something we all have a love for. When I left school in the late 80’s, Interior Design wasn’t really an option in Ireland as a career so I ended up working in IT but I’ve always kind of messed with houses that I was lucky enough to own and work on in terms of renovations. I’ve also worked on friends and families homes,’’ said Sarah Costelloe.

“I’ve always had my hand in this industry as I also did some staging for an estate agent helping clients stage their home from sale. I had planned to set up my own business for a few years before the pandemic began and then I began working on the website and business cards in March 2020.

I thought ‘what am I doing, this is madness, when I set the business up first but it has actually turned out to be really busy and a really good decision! I’m delighted that I’ve started the business as these are the services people are looking for.

Using Interior designers is definitely something that is starting to make sense for Irish people as they are spending a lot more on their homes and they are spending a lot more on individual furnishings so they are realising it is important to get it right the first time around.

“Your home is your refuge from day to day stresses as well as it being somewhere you need to feel calm and be able to relax. We’re going to spend more time in our homes and entertaining at home than we did before the pandemic,’’ enthused Ms Costelloe.

“Rather than extending their home due to the increasing building costs currently, I think people are going to do smaller internal changes such as clever interior changes like better storage or knocking walls down which will overcome some of the costs and delays. I think people will wait to begin bigger projects on their home such as extension or renovation jobs, for a year or two.”

As to trends that are going to be popular throughout 2022?
“In terms of trends, there are definitely colours like terracottas and browns creeping back in that are going back towards the 1990’s as well as more earthy colours which are inline with nature. We are looking toward nature for our inspiration, and a big trend with bringing the outdoors in, biophilic design.

“My focus when it comes to my clients is sustainable design and the adage of ‘less is more.’ It is up to me to present the more sustainable option to clients when they are furnishing their home and that begins with the paints they are using, the fabrics and flooring they are using and so forth,’’ she imparted.



Words: Emer Kelly Images: Webpress

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