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The house is getting there inch by inch!

Story Highlights
  • “We are so happy with what we achieved with our home and we love every little inch of it.”
  • “I definitely have not been bitten by the renovation bug!”

RTÉ star Bláthnaid Treacy and her husband Charlie Moon recently renovated their terraced house in Stoneybatter, County Dublin.

The couple initially purchased their home in December 2020. Ms Treacy spoke openly at the time about their journey to secure a mortgage after opting to go with a mortgage broker to get the job done.

Bláthnaid and Charlie had been renting the home for several years before they decided to buy the property outright from their landlord which meant they were able to make the house their own.

“We are loving our house! It was a long road to get here and doing renovations during a pandemic was pretty full one as there were lots of delays. Initially the renovations were to take two months but they took six. The house still isn’t 100% finished as we have a little bit of painting and wallpapering to do but it is so nice to have our space back,’’ said Bláthnaid Treacy.

We lived in the house for a long time before we renovated it so we knew exactly what we wanted to do. The house is even better than what we thought it was going to be like, it is so much brighter and warmer. We have gone with lovely terracotta colours throughout the house which is a really nice vibe. We’re in the middle of getting all of our art work framed to get hung up on the walls so the house is getting there inch by inch!

“Live in the house and understand what rooms fit what is such good advice. Our house had a small dining room going on through to a sitting room but we knocked the walls through and we have made the most of the space.

We have a small extension out the back of the house which is home to the kitchen and bathroom. The old extension was done really badly and we have managed to reclaim a little bit of space out the back with the new extension as well.

We really appreciate our house and we are pinching ourselves over the fact that it is our house.

In comparison to what it was before, it was freezing cold! We got our new front door recently and we can’t believe how much warmer the house is due to it,’’ enthused Ms Treacy.

“We love living in Stoneybatter as we’re so close to Dublin City but we never go in as we go down the road as there are loads of pubs and coffee shops, there is no need to leave here!”

In terms of her favourite space in the house?
“We have this beautiful green sofa in the sitting room that we got from an Irish company and it is amazing. The couch is so cosy and you sink into it. I would chill out on that all day long watching Netflix. I also love the bathroom as it is so pretty.”

As to whether or not she has caught the renovation bug?
“Jesus Christ, no! I found the experience incredibly stressful and I would not like to do it again. It was really full on. You don’t have a huge amount of say when it comes to delays and deliveries. Our builder was great but relying on other people is stressful.

I definitely have not been bitten by the renovation bug! Picking paint colours, floors and accessories was great fun but I couldn’t go through the rest of it again! We have a few things left to do at the house but they will be done in time. We are so happy with what we achieved with our home and we love every little inch of it,’’ finished Bláthnaid Treacy.

Words: Emer KellyImages: Biggerstage

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