In conversation with the lovely Lorraine Keane

Every cloud has a silver lining.

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  • "It has been an extremely stressful time.”
  • "Fashion Relief tv is now an International award winning television show."

Lorraine Keane is one of the best known names in Irish media; having begun her career working for AA Roadwatch before becoming an entertainment correspondent for TV3 news followed by landing a presenting role on the popular celebrity entertainment show ‘Xpose,’ before leaving that role in 2009 to spend more time with her husband Peter Devlin and daughters Emelia and Romy.

Ms Keane has gone on to do a lot of freelance work as well as running her own ‘Fashion Relief,’ events as well as being a brand ambassador for Windsor Motors.

“Fashion Relief tv is now an International award winning television show and shopping channel thanks to the Irish tech firm Axonista. We won the US TV of Tomorrow Leadership Award for Innovation and Corporate Leadership in The Corona Virus era. Other winners on the night were Disney Plus, TikTok, NBC & Zoom. Fashion Relief obviously raises money for Oxfam and we’re raising about €2,000 a week which is incredible,” said Lorraine Keane.

“It’s such a weird time and you have to think outside the box. I also have a renovation and refurbishment business called Finished Ireland and we launched the first virtual home show for that in June and that was a massive success and so many companies signed up to exhibit in this virtual home space. We have another virtual show planned for October.

“A friend of mine, Matt Malone who is a hairdresser for the last 30 years is obsessed with hairbrushes and detanglers so he came up with the concept of ‘The Magic Hairbrush,’ and it was gifted to me by our mutual friend and hairdresser Dylan Bradshaw and I loved the brush that much that Matt and I decided to work on it together and we have created lovely pouches for the brush to protect the bristles and make it feel like more of a luxury item, it’s a little piece of magic and it would be hard to use any other hairbrush after using this,” enthused Ms Keane.

As to future projects?

I tried to move as much as I could with what I do to online and it just shows that can not only work but it can actually make something better. Fashion Relief tv is not just fashion relief the event that took place in Dublin, Galway and Cork; it is Fashion Relief worldwide and having won this big award it means that we have opened Fashion Relief right up and people are shopping in a more sustainable fashion now and preloved is something to shout about!


“Absolutely it has been an extremely stressful time and we all have bills to pay but we really don’t know how long this is going to last and in the mean time we need to rejig our lives as much as we can to manage and get through it whilst remembering that every cloud has a silver lining,” imparted Lorraine.

In recent weeks, Lorraine has also become a brand ambassador for Windsor Motors.

“Renault Ireland would always lend me vans when I was moving stock  or doing fashion relief shows so Windsor  Motors said that they wanted to continue that support so they were so good and giving me vans for moving stock around for events and Fashion Relief tv.

Personally I’m driving the Renault Kadjar and I love it because I get to drive around in comfort with my family. I love the Kadjar because it is safe and secure and it feels like a jeep as well as it being so luxurious with heated seats, the modern technology, the amount of space in the car for my  two children, a husband and two dogs. I drive all over the country with my work and it is very efficient to run.

“My background is in cars as well, having started my career working in AA Roadwatch as well as working on a programme called ‘Drive,’ on RTÉ One and then I went on to ‘RPM Motorsport,’ on UTV. I actually do love cars,” concluded Lorraine Keane.


Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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