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“It makes more sense for people to live in timber houses.”

Anthony Foy of Eire Log Cabins talks to Emer Kelly

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  • "A very decent, timber frame or log house can be built for a quarter of the price of a four or five bedroom block and plastered house."
  • "By 2024, we are going to be the largest residential log cabin company in Ireland."

Eire Log Cabins are based in County Offaly. Owners Anthony Foy and Kevin Earley have more than 25 years experience each in property development, carpentry and joinery. Their team provides a unique range of state of the art Residential Log Homes and Glamping log cabins.

This company cannot be beaten in quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship. Eire Log Cabins are proud of their five star status and their customers can reassure you that you are making the correct decision by choosing this company.

Eire Log Cabins use Scandinavian timber that is grown furthest north in FSC forests, making their timber more durable and sustainable. They also use a specific log that reduces warping and shrinkage by up to 90%.

This company also prepares the base structures and materials along with ground height specifications to prevent moisture. Eire Log Cabins use windows and doors that are tailored to suit harsh, windy and damp conditions. They supply a specific wood preserver combination along with proper ventilation in the walls and roof for best protection of the home inside and out.

Eire Log Cabins are partnering with energy and heating solution companies who provide the most sustainable systems available for log homes. They are also partnering with insurance companies who will insure your log cabin for residential purposes.

The team at Eire Log Cabins understand that everyone’s needs are different and that is why they can customise any home to make it suitable for your own specifications.

“We understand the Irish market and the Irish climate which is imperative when you are building log cabins as they need to be made to the correct standards for our weather and that is something that we invest time in as well as researching how to best build them, seal them, treat them and where we source our timber is vitally important for our climate,” said Anthony Foy.

“In Ireland we hear a lot about how we should look at other options when it comes to housing; log homes and modular housing is about sustainability as well as affordability and the efficiency of the build. Its sometimes said that the Irish are a little bit outdated in our thoughts when it comes to log cabins as we think that timber won’t last and houses have to be built out of bricks and mortar. A very decent, timber frame or log house can be built for a quarter of the price of a four or five bedroom block and plastered house.

Timber houses are built quicker, timber breathes and absorbs carbon dioxide, they are easy to heat, timber is also a natural insulator, It has the ability to store the heat during the day and when the weather becomes cool at night the house remains warm without having to flick on a switch. It makes more sense for people to live in timber houses as it is a simple solution to a lot of big problems, enthused Mr Foy.

“By 2024, we are going to be the largest residential log cabin company in Ireland. We have huge pride in what we do as well as invested interest in our profession. If I was going to live in a log cabin, there are certain ways that I would build it for myself and that is the same way myself and Kevin would build it for someone else.

“We make sure to source our timber from Finland and Estonia as the timber there will last an awful lot longer here than it would if sourced in more Southern Countries. There is no reason as to why your log home wouldn’t last for a couple of generations, when everything is manufactured and built and maintained correctly. There are so many options when it comes to what you can do with timber cabins; from a garden bar, home office to a premium house, there is nothing too small or too big for us to work on!

“You can build a Scandinavian style log cabin and in a few years time, you can add a rendered finish or a brick or stone finish whilst still living in a cosy log cabin, once the log home is built properly. The future is moving towards more sustainable and affordable log homes,” concluded Mr Foy.



Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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