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It really was a fantastic project to work on!

Jackie Tracey discusses a property facelift by redecorating!

Story Highlights
  • “Planning is key with a complete house redecoration!”
  • “A beautiful soft palette of warm neutrals and teals echoes the surrounding seascape.”
  • “They were delighted with the overall result and very pleased with the overall look & feel of their newly decorated home.”

Jackie Tracey Interiors specialises in luxury residential interiors . Our passion for creating beautiful interiors combined with our professional approach, ensures our projects are seamlessly designed and managed from concept through to completion.

Tailored to our client’s requirements and lifestyle, our designs encompass inspiring aesthetics, and practical functionality. Bringing together a team of skilled contractors and architects, combined with an extensive network of reputable suppliers, we have the expertise to create a unique space tailored to the individual client, environment and budget.

“We had previously worked on the clients childrens’ homes and they were so impressed with the quality of work done, they decided to get in touch and that is how we got involved with the project,’’ explained Jackie Tracey.
“Jackie Tracey Interiors was engaged to give this impressive architecturally-designed home a facelift by redecorating the main living spaces with new wall treatments, carpets, curtains, upholstery and light fittings.

Working on such an impressive property, with truly spectacular seas views from each of the different levels, it was of the utmost importance to us to respect the building and its surroundings while accentuating the light-filled spaces through the clever choice of both palette and materials. The client’s brief was for a classic decor, and we chose only materials of the highest standard to create elegant, timeless interiors befitting of this unique family home. A beautiful soft palette of warm neutrals and teals echoes the surrounding seascape, creating a wonderful connection to the outside, serving to showcase the sweeping, panoramic views along the Dalkey coastline,she enthused.

In terms of whether or not there were any difficulties or delays encountered along the way?

“Given the extent of delays caused by COVID/ Brexit at the moment, we were actually pretty lucky to not have had too many delays on site. There were small delays with the carpentry, this being one of the trades the most impacted by recent events both in terms of prices & availability.”

In terms of the home owners’ overall thoughts on their home?

“They were delighted with the overall result and very pleased with the overall look & feel of their newly decorated home. I know that they received lots of positive feedback from both family & friends. Feedback included that it felt warmer, softer and that there was a wonderful flow to the colours used throughout the house,’’ revealed Ms Tracey.

Would Jackie have any advice or words of wisdom for someone who may be about to embark on a similar type of project?
“Planning is key with a complete house redecoration! Every room in the house is impacted so the various stages need to be well planned out so as to facilitate the moving of furniture, artwork etc. to allow access to the various rooms at each stage in the project.”

As to whether or not the home owners have a favourite space in their home?
“They did comment that the sun room was an unexpected added bonus! They had been questioning whether or not to include it within the project scope as it was often used as a playroom for their grandchildren and so they wondered if it was worth it. With some clever storage, a repaint & some new soft furnishings it has been turned into a beautiful multi-functioning space for both adults & children alike. I know that the owners now love to enjoy their morning coffee in these reorganised comfortable surroundings!

When it comes to Ms Tracey’s overall thoughts on this project?
“It really was a fantastic project to work on for a really lovely family, so we were delighted to be able to give their home the timeless update they were after, and even more delighted to hear that they have since had family & friend gatherings all the while enjoying & appreciating their newly decorated home! After all that’s what it’s all about,’’ concluded Jackie.

Words: Emer KellyImages: Jackie Tracey Interiors

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