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Kerry Hiddleston discusses a fabulous project with Build & Renovate

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  • “The owners had great faith in my abilities.”
  • “It was a pleasure to work on this project.”

Dublin based Interior Designer, Kerry Hiddleston has a clear focus and understanding the client’s needs and delivering a beautiful and practical space with wow factor. She often works on family homes and as a mother of  young children understands the needs of parents to provide spaces that work for all the family and that they can be proud of.

Here, Ms Hiddleston discusses a fabulous project she recently completed in Dublin.

“I was contacted by the clients who had seen some of my work on social media @hiddleston_interior_design.  I receive a lot of enquiries on foot of instagram in particular, it seems to be an ideal platform to get ideas and share completed projects to give clients an easily accessible insight into a designer’s taste and abilities. I find social media and word of mouth bring in most of my client base. This client has seen some work I had done previously and then reached out to me for a consultation and we took it from there,” said Kerry Hiddleston.

“The project brief was  renovate a three bed victorian terrace that really hadn’t been touched in years, with a view to doing in the most cost effective, high impact  as they knew it wasn’t their forever home and so didn’t want to spend money improving the property that wouldn’t be realised in the eventual sale. To add value basically, but also make it a gorgeous home for them to enjoy and be proud of in the interim. I was also conscious of that, although we wanted to make it “wow,”we had to do so in a reasonably pared back and classic way that would appeal to potential buyers.

 “I loved this project.  The owners had great faith in my abilities and trusted me to make decisions for them if needed and to bring them in as required. It is a gorgeous period property and I love the process of bringing a house with character back to life,” enthused Ms Hiddleston.

The project involved a full refurbishment, new floors, kitchen, bathroom and wiring.

“The clients have very busy jobs and young children and so moved out for most of the build to a family holiday home and so I carried out full project management of the renovation as well as the design. The project ran pretty much to time. I said I would have the project completed in two months which is a very fast timeline, but I scheduled everything as tightly as possible and was on site to deal with any issues as they arose. In the end there was a delay of a couple of weeks, but that was only due to unforeseen issues with leaks encountered when old floors were taken up and also some asbestos in the garden that had to be dealt with and halted the renovation for a short while. As is often the case with older houses, you don’t know what’s going to appear until you start work,” revealed Kerry.


As to Ms Hiddleston’s overall thoughts on the project?
“I think it was incredibly successful. To be able to achieve that much work and transformation in that period of time and for a family with busy lives and young children to be able to move out for a couple of months and arrive home to a refurbished house is no mean feat. The homeowners have said they are very happy with the result and the way we worked together and have since recommended me to many other friends of theirs, which is the ultimate compliment. I don’t think there is anything I would have done differently with this project as we achieved what we set out to achieve. There were some small hiccups which are always part of the learning curve but I don’t think a project like this in an older property is likely to go ahead without any surprises. It’s not the issues occurring that are the issue, it’s dealing with it quickly and knowing who to call to sort it out and getting it done.

It was a pleasure to work on this project and for me the ideal project is one when you have a great working relationship with the homeowners and they trust you to get done. I also really love bringing older properties back to life and am a big fan of combining original features with a contemporary twist. I also love being able to design from scratch and have a free reign, it always gets the best results concluded Kerry Hiddleston.


    Kerry Hiddleston,
    Hiddleston Interior Design

    086 958 2195

    Words: Emer KellyImages: Hiddleston Interiors

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