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Mass Timber construction sounds like it is most definitely the way forward

Dainius Prakapavičius of iDomus talks to Build & Renovate

Story Highlights
  • "People need to consider the amount of living space they need to live in their house.”
  • "We work on projects all over Ireland.”

iDomus is an agent of one of the largest Glulam manufacturers in Europe providing extensive ranges of Glulam Beams and an Engineered Timber Construction panels system called HBE.
As to why choose Glulam?
Environmentally Friendly:
Wood is a natural sustainable building material which stores C02. The prefabrication system allows minimum waste. Glulam made from natural resins in an ecological product.

HBE Glulam is a fast track method which is 10 to 15 times faster than other traditional construction methods. The HBE system is 20% cheaper than a German timber frame structure and it is 40% cheaper than a CLT system.

Mass timber has antistatic properties and reduces electromagnetic waves. Natural wood walls and ceilings allow the house to ‘breathe,’ naturally.

Fire Resistant:
Solid mass timber walls and ceilings withstand fire. Self-extinguishing natural property. It can withstand high temperatures without collapse, not like steel.

Building Physics:
Glulam is a lightweight material but strong like steel. No cold bridges, no construction moisture. No chemical treatments needed.

Design Flexibility:
Glulam can be made into virtually any shape. The HBE system can be combined with other building systems.

I moved to Ireland with my wife and family from Lithuania and I was working on various farms and manufacturing and then I moved to the construction industry due to better opportunities and better money so I began labouring and then the recession hit in 2008 and after the recession I went to DIT to finish a degree in construction management and then I began training in Germany for this type of construction, said Dainius Prakapavičius.

“Germany are between 20 to 30 years ahead of a number of countries with their construction methods so we need to take the experience from them and use it in Ireland. In 2017, I made contact and agreed to become the Irish agent for this type of building.

“HBE timber blocks are a different type of building material that Irish people aren’t used to. People don’t understand the building physique and this type of construction method but we need to move towards the mass timber construction industry as it is better for the environment and creating healthy indoors climate too,” enthused Mr Prakapavičius.

“People need to consider the amount of living space they need to live in their house as well as you have to factor in the cost of fit out, maintaining the property, heating etc.


“We work on projects all over Ireland and we also have a partner called Wood Fibre Insulation which is a natural product which blends in well with our system. We offer wood only construction which means super structure would be mass timber, insulation would be wood fibre and external cladding would be charred wood as well for domestic, commercial and recreational buildings,” he added.

“In the future, we would like to bring the systems we use to builders whilst teaching them how to use it and work as an assistant construction company. We are also looking at modular options for the next year,” concluded Dainius Prakapavičius.


Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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