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Nature has a huge influence on interiors at the moment.

In conversation with Grace Macdonald of Grace Interior Design

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  • "Home is definitely somewhere we all want to entertain and have a certain quality of life whilst enjoying our homes."
  • "We crave the warmer colours."

Grace Interior Design is an interior design consultancy company based in County Dublin. Grace has more than 20 years experience as a Design Professional in Ireland and the UK as well as working as a Property Developer in Florida.

“I’ve worn many hats in the design industry over the last number of years but working as a property stager was the spring board for me to pursue the design and creative element.

This job is 100% my passion as I eat, sleep and breathe it and when I’m working on a project, my mind is completely immersed in it.

Even after meetings, my mind will be doing a walk through of the house and as a designer, it is important to have that vision,” explained Grace.

In terms of interior requests Ms MacDonald is receiving from clients currently?

“Everyone requests a kitchen island, the kitchen in the majority of homes is the hub of the house and the island is used mostly for casual dining and coffee drinking.

Home bars and wine cellars are also quite popular. People are entertaining more and more at home which means their interiors are more considered and thought out.

“If it is a family situation, I’m getting requests for two living spaces to accommodate an area for the adults to relax and what they would like to watch on the television and the other space is more of a den style space for children or teenagers to hang out there.

We are evolving more and more as we live in our homes and there are more aspects to it, it isn’t just a case of having somewhere to eat, sleep and bathe; home is definitely somewhere we all want to entertain and have a certain quality of life whilst enjoying our homes,” she enthused.

“When it comes to colours and with our climate, we crave the warmer colours. Grey is in the cooler spectrum colour palette and it is a colour that has had its day so now we’re seeing more of a push towards mushroom colours veering towards mocha tones are going to be very popular for a neutral colour palette.

The peacock colours such as green, teal and blue are going to continue as accent colours alongside the warmer neutrals as an overall blank canvas colour.

“Nature has a huge influence on interiors at the moment, if you have a big olive or palm tree in a room painted in earthy tones that is a tip of the hat to nature and it is another way of bringing the outside, inside. Natural earthy materials are also being used throughout the home when it comes to interior finishes,” concluded Grace Macdonald


Words: Emer KellyImages: Grace Interior Design

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