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Niall Curran of The Lighthouse talks to Build & Renovate

Our plan is to continue working to our strengths.

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  • "Homeowners now see that lighting needs to be functional just as much as anything."
  • "The nature of the products that we sell are subjective and quite often are best viewed in person."

The Lighthouse is one of Ireland’s premier lighting showrooms specialising in domestic, commercial and outdoor lights, mirrors, wall art, homeware and gifts for all occasions.

Established in 1972, this company has two showrooms, one located in Navan and the other in Drogheda. Celebrating 50 years in business this year, backed by their parent company expert electrical wholesaler WESCO the team are confident they will be able to assist you in finding the best domestic or commercial lighting for any project.

The Lighthouse pride themselves on high quality products and expert advice. Their products are sourced from brands such as Endon, Dar Lighting, Searchlight, Mindy Brownes, Robus, Philips and Thom. They are excited to begin delivering this service to their new online customers all over Ireland.


From a retail perspective the pandemic has been quite difficult with the restrictions and the opening and closing of retail. Things are going very well for the company and the same as anyone else we were trying to learn how to navigate and operate throughout the pandemic but thankfully we have been pretty successful at coming through it, said Niall Curran.

“As a result of everyone spending extra time at home we have noticed people investing more into their homes and a demand for high-quality home furnishing products. Our customers are updating their switches and sockets to decorative ranges such as brass, chrome or black as well as upgrading their lighting inside and outside.

Throughout the Summer we had the pleasure of helping many homeowners bring together garden projects with quality outdoor heaters & lighting. Migrating to a work from home model has given people the opportunity to set up a new office space in their house/apartment exactly to their taste and work requirements. Homeowners now see that lighting needs to be functional just as much as anything.

“We would have also seen a big uptake in people purchasing art work and homewares. We have a full range of products that will turn a house into a home. In our showrooms, we have customers coming from all over Ireland,” explained Mr Curran.

In terms of the future of The Lighthouse?

“We have recently launched a new website for The Lighthouse which is more retail friendly and the plan is to grow our online business over the next couple of years in line with consumer preferences. The nature of the products that we sell are subjective and quite often are best viewed in person.

Luckily one of our biggest selling points is the fact that we have two gorgeous showrooms with very experienced staff ready to help. Our plan is to continue working to our strengths and our strengths are our experienced staff in our showroom whilst also trying to deliver that staff expertise across our online showroom and social media channels as well.’’ he enthused.

“One our key areas in our parent company Wesco, is LED strip lighting and we would be a very big supplier to a lot of customised jobs for hotels and commercial environments as well as the domestic market across Ireland. It is a fantastic product because it is so customisable and adaptable.

“Having WESCO as our partner in delivering expert electrical advice has proven invaluable to our customers when buying from us. We aim to provide a service of advice and guidance when purchasing any of our products to make sure they leave us happy with their experience,” finished Niall Curran.


Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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