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  • "We have just launched our Kitchen Design Hubs."
  • "Our designers will then create a design based on what the customer would like."

Are you looking for personalised kitchen design ideas or seeking information on customised kitchen solutions? Noyeks Newmans has been one of the leading suppliers to the Irish market for timber sheet materials & associated products for over 130 years.

The company is 100% Irish-owned and supplies high-quality panel products, kitchens, worktops, counter tops, built-in appliances, wood floors, composite & hardwood decking, internal doors, decorative laminates & associated products to architects, builders, interior designers, trade & retail customers.

“We have just launched our Kitchen Design Hubs, creating a space in the showroom for our customers to sit down with a designer and discuss their specific style and functionality ideas.

Sitting in the Design Hub, a tastefully curated glass box, our customers can relax in a visually open and spacious private environment that enhances their understanding of what Noyeks Newmans can create.

Customers will get to have a conversation with a designer over a cup of coffee whilst we build an understanding of their lifestyle, cooking habits, preferred colour schemes and any specific needs or preferences. All leading to enhancing their overall living experience,”

explained Graham Harding.

“Our designers will then create a design based on what the customer would like rather than what the designers feel would work well in the space. 10 or 15 years ago, the majority of kitchen doors would have been stock colours and we would have made a kitchen around the colours we had in stock, nowadays 95% of what we sell is bespoke.

The kitchen is made to measure and the colour is made to order. People want their own colour as well as the design of their doors and so forth.

Homeowners now are looking for their kitchen to be tailor made to their requirements whilst showcasing their personality.

“Kitchens are made to your own personal taste. There are thousands of combinations that we can create for you, we can mix colours and styles with different worktops and carcasses, the number of combinations that we can do is infinite which results in the customer getting what they want.

“People are seeing the kitchen as a space that is not only made to be functional, but fashionable. Homeowners are open-minded and they aren’t ruling anything out. If they install a high quality kitchen, they know it will last forever and they will install branded appliances which again will last for many, many years.

If you install a kitchen that you love, replacing it will not be on your agenda whereas if you install a cheap kitchen, you know that in a few years’ time you will be replacing it with something else.

“Our customers leave happy, in the knowledge that we have listened to their ideas and enhanced them. If there is ever a problem we will step in and sort it, if we make a mistake, we will put our hands up and we will own it. A kitchen won’t be ordered or finalised by us until the customer is entirely happy,” finished Mr Harding.


Words: Emer KellyImages: Noyeks

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