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  • “Life is an EXCITING rollercoaster.”
  • “I was the ONLY child in the OPERA.”

Paul Byrom is a man that needs little or no introduction. Having built up quite a successful singing career as one of Ireland’s best known Tenors, Mr Byrom is preparing to release a new album later this year and he very kindly took time out of his busy schedule to discuss his career, new album and what the future holds.

“I started vocal training to be a boy Soprano at the age of seven and then through that I got cast in my first ever Operatic production at the age of 12 in the National Concert Hall. I was the only child in the opera and I suppose that was the first taste of the professional world and the Operatic scene and I fell in love with it as well as commiting 100% to it,’’ said Paul Byrom.

“When I was 14 I released my first album called ‘The Golden Voice,’ and it just continued from there. I’m 41 now and there have been a lot of highlights throughout my career. I’ve performed to a full house in Radio City Music Hall in New York and then of course performing for President Obama in The White House on his first St Patrick’s Day in office was pretty awesome but they are certainly two stand out moments for me. “Selling out The National Concert Hall as a solo artist was pretty nice too.

It’s always nice to sell well in your hometown because much and all as you can have success abroad it is only when you are recognised that you feel some level of self accomplishment,’’ added Mr Byrom.

As to what he is currently working on?
“I’m just putting the finishing touches to my new al-bum and I’m looking forward to releasing that later this year,’’ enthused Paul.

In 2007, Paul became one of the original soloists in the hit show Celtic Thunder. He toured North America and Australia with the group and had six number 1 World Billboard albums. In 2017, the album ‘Thinking of Home,’ reached the top of the iTunes, Amazon, and World Billboard Charts. Mr Byrom’s talent as a singer has taken him across the world and he has performed for dignitaries such as Emperor Akihito of Japan, former Irish Presidents Mary McAleese and Mary Robinson.

In terms of what home means to him?
“Home is a place of love and security for me. I lived in New York for five years and I loved it but nothing beats home, Dublin and Ireland. You can’t beat popping down to the local pub for a few pints with your mates. All that matters to me is my family; my Mum, my sister and her children and my girlfriend. “As you get older your priorities change, making mil-lions and being world famous is no longer my objective.

My objective now is to sing, enjoy it and hopefully people will enjoy listening to me sing and I’ll make a few bob. If I can do that to sustain me being around my family and friends then I have done well and I’ve being a success,’’ imparted a very gracious Mr Byrom.

As to the future?
“I don’t know what I will be doing by the end of 2020! I would love to get in to presenting in some shape or form but the opportunities are limited in Ireland. Life is an exciting rollercoaster and you never know what the future holds,’’ concluded Paul Byrom.



Words: Emer KellyPicture: Webpress

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