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People are starting to think more about healthy environments.

David of Biofa Ireland talks to Build & Renovate

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  • "We are developing a whole new range of colours."
  • "It is a premium paint that happens to be natural."

Biofa Ireland was established in 2015 following a takeover of ‘Biochrome Natural Paints.’ Biofa’s natural products are produced from renewable raw materials obtained in an environmentally friendly manner. No toxic substances are utilised in the production process and are therefore non-toxic and free of harsh chemicals.

All products decompose naturally and discharge no toxic substances into the environment. All of their products are both human and eco-friendly!

This company mixes paint to order; using their mixing machine allows Biofa Ireland to deliver reliable and repeatable colours. Some manufacturers of natural paint offer a white base and sell colour pastes or powders for customers to mix the right shade of paint themselves.

At Biofa Ireland the team offer a range of natural interior and exterior paint colours that are mixed to order by them in store, so that they can reproduce these colours time and again, to exactly the same shade! This is ideal if you wish to order a natural paint colour in the future that you purchased before.

Mixing in this way not only guarantees the exact colour that you order every time, but because they use three different bases to mix with, they can offer a far greater range of colours.

Biofa Ireland supplies the highest quality products produced by the Biofa Laboratory in Germany. All products are subject to strict internal Biofa tests and application technology. All products are fully tested by various institutes including The ECO Institut in Cologne, Germany and the TUV Umweltservice (Environmental Service of the German Technical Inspection Association) test Biofa products for indoor air quality.

The results during and after the drying process and the effects on the indoor air quality are decisive. Products are quality checked to DIN or EN standards.

“The business has taken off since going online in 2019 and COVID really helped us in that people are ordering online a lot more than they were before the pandemic. People are starting to think more about healthy environments and what they are breathing in as well as being more aware of their health,” said David.

“We were very keen to sell this product because it is a good product not just because it is a natural product. It is a premium paint that happens to be natural and that is why it is nearer the higher end of the price scale in comparison to some paints.

“We are developing a whole new range of colours. The vast majority of the colours that we sell are pastel colours as well as soft shades such as off white, yellow, grey and cream,” he enthused.



Going forward, our hope is that we continue to raise awareness of natural paint. We would hope that even the HSE would start to think about natural paint for use in their institutions such as schools, hospitals and nursing homes. There is a lot of growth left for the company in Ireland then the next natural progression would be the UK, concluded David.



Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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