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Rubio Monocoat are top of their wood preservation game!

Olivia Newman of Rubio Monocoat speaks with Emer Kelly

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  • “Our focus currently is Oil Plus 2C which is a revolutionary, plant-based, hardwax oil wood finish.”
  • “With experts behind us in Belgium, we are always looking at ways to improve and create new products that will make us the best on the market."

Rubio Monocoat provides environmentally friendly interior and exterior oils for wood preservation. With 0% Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) and the environmental credentials to back it up, Rubio Monocoat really is the future of wood staining and protection.

Born and based in Belgium, Rubio Monocoat has expanded over the globe and into the UK and Ireland. In 2000, the company started with the development of an oil, based on a revolutionary technology called molecular bonding, conducted by Dr. George Barrell. This innovative technology has played a huge part in the success of their products.

Molecular Bonding is the process of the oil with the fibres of wood. Within a couple of minutes, the oil has bonded with the upper microns in the wood, meaning no film formation or saturation. The innovative technology means wood is protected in just one single layer.

Rubio Monocoat products contain no VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) or harmful chemicals that emit into the air or come into contact with your skin. Three years before the introduction of the first VOC regulations, they decided to set a high bar and go for a 0% VOC label. As a company, they are dedicated to looking for environmentally friendly solutions and strive with the utmost care to provide products with high quality and standards.

Rubio Monocoat is the first in the wood treatment sector to get the Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold Label. Eurofins Indoor Air Comfort Gold is a sign of Rubio Monocoat’s focus on quality and contribution to a healthy indoor environment.

The label combines the most relevant emission specifications and requirements in one certification. The Indoor Air Comfort Gold label shows compliance with specifications on VOC emissions set out globally.

As well as having these incredible certificates to their name, their products are also food safe and toy friendly.

They also have the M1 Emission Class for Building Material Certification and are Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) certified, meaning they are transparent with the information surrounding the life cycle and environmental impact of their products.

Our focus currently is Oil Plus 2C which is a revolutionary, plant-based, hardwax oil wood finish. As the name implies, in just one simple application you get colour and protection for wood. It is used for flooring, furniture, cabinetry, millwork and just about any wood project imaginable. Oil Plus 2C works by forming a molecular bond with the topmost fibres of the wood.

This results in a durable finish with great wear-, water- and heat resistance, all while keeping the natural look and feel of the wood.2C stands for 2-component. Part A is the oil, and Part B is an accelerant and hardener. Oil Plus 2C is 0% VOC and does not contain solvents or water. It does not produce lap lines. It is easy to apply and maintain, and can be applied to all wood types.

Oil Plus 2C is available in over 60 colours, which can all be mixed to create endless colour possibilities, explained Olivia Newman.

“This product can be used by people doing DIY projects or anyone renovating their home as well as the experts. It is so easy to use! The only thing that can go wrong with this product is if people don’t wipe off the excess, it isn’t a strenuous task. It is better to oil wood than paint it.

“Oil will leave the wood looking a lot more natural and better protected than paint would. I think people are apprehensive to move to oil because they don’t want to mess their wood up. It is a very new concept and there isn’t enough knowledge out there about these products yet in comparison to paint. It is a very clever product and if you treat the wood correctly, the job will last a lifetime,’’ she enthused.

Rubio Monocoat are also highlighting what an incredible product their WoodCream for exterior use is. Rubio Monocoat is a breathable, hydrophobic, wax-based cream that colours and protects vertical exterior wood and makes it water-repellent. The hydrophobic Rubio WoodCream technology, in combination with its unique cream structure, offers important product and application benefits. This moisture-regulating cream provides water-repellent and self-cleaning wood protection.

“With experts behind us in Belgium, we are always looking at ways to improve and create new products that will make us the best on the market,’’ concluded Ms Newman.



Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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