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Solar-Power is the way to go when it comes to future-proofing your home.

Ciarán Kells of Eco Horizon talks to Build & Renovate

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  • “It definitely makes financial sense to install solar power into your homes now with electricity prices increasing.”
  • “We really push battery storage as that can be used in many different ways that people do not realise.”

Eco Horizon offers fully integrated solar solutions for residential homes. Their solar products work seamlessly together, delivering unbeatable power and long-term performance. EcoHorizon’s products are manufactured to work harmoniously together to create Solar PV with the highest service life, maximum efficiency and yield.

This company install solar panels from only the top solar brands offering higher yield rates, maximum efficiency and optimum mechanical strength. The solar panel’s that Eco Horizon uses are fully backed by not just a 25 to 30 year performance warranty but also a 25 to 30 year product warranty.

Their inverters are manufactured to maximise the energy available from the connected solar panels at all times during its operation. Eco Horizon’s battery storage solutions provide you with solar energy from your photo-voltaic system even when the sun’s not shining, ensuring that none of that valuable solar power goes to waste.

Depending on your solar system size, the battery storage could supply from 80% to 100% of your energy requirements. They can also store the cheap night rate electricity to use during the day. Another perk in times of increasing electricity costs.

Eco Horizon will look after the survey, design, supply, install and commission of every Home Solar PV project, ensuring your switch to Solar is a simple and efficient process.

They will also look after all grant paperwork so that there is minimal effort involved for the customers.

The steps are an initial meeting, site survey and assessment, followed by a system designed to suit your requirements, there is a no fuss installation service by their professionally trained technicians whilst their systems are guaranteed to deliver the best performance and allow homeowners to start saving!

“What makes us stand out from the crowd is our after sales service. We see all customers as clients. We are now ready to give them great financial and technical advice when it comes to saving on their electrical costs,’’ said Ciarán Kells.

Some of the advances of solar energy include the following:

*Clean Energy – Solar energy is an abundant, renewable and sustainable energy source. Unlike coal, oil and other fossil fuels, clean energy sunlight cannot be depleted.
*Reduce your Bills– A standard solar and battery storage system from Eco Horizon will reduce your electricity bills by 50 to 70%.
*Low Running Costs– Solar power systems from Eco Horizon have no moving parts, they are extremely durable requiring little maintenance and can last a lifetime
*Property Value – Eco Horizon solar power is a smart upgrade which makes your home more desirable and increases your property value offering a higher BER rating and lower energy bills to future owners.

*Your Solar System – Once the initial meeting and consultation is complete, Eco Horizon will work with their partners to design a system to meet their exact requirements.
*Energy Independence – Solar power provides energy independence. It protects your home or business against rising electricity costs making your future energy costs much more predictable.
*Carbon Footprint – In Ireland, we still produce a vast majority of our energy by burning fossil fuels, making the switch to solar means reducing the electricity we draw from the grid.


The latest technology that we are using really is exciting stuff. We can monitor each panel individually and get them working on an individual level making sure that the system runs at peak capacity all the time and really take advantage of all space available to maximise a houses capability to generate their own electricity. With the price of electricity going up and with smart metres being installed, homeowners have the option of a cheaper night rate which means that on days of little or no sunshine you can charge your batteries at night, and use that energy instead of the expensive day rate, he explained.

“It definitely makes financial sense to install solar power into your home now with electricity prices increasing. We will do a payback report and show you that the system pays for itself quicker than any other investment guaranteed.

“If you are planning on future proofing your home, remember that you are cutting your bills right down and it is a money saving move when you install solar. Solar power makes your house a lot more sellable and it is a reasonably priced investment. We really push the battery storage as that storage can be used in so many different ways that people do not realise,’’ added Mr Kells.



Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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