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Christina Torsney talks to Build & Renovate

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  • "We repair all damaged surfaces."
  • "Our staff are absolute perfectionists."

Surface Renew are highly skilled technicians who are trained with the latest techniques to renew, repair and restore all damaged surfaces such as laminates, marble, granite, glass, wood, corian, solid surfaces and ceramic finishes. Damage such as scrapes, cracks and chips are just some of the damage that their highly skilled technicians repair daily, saving customers time, money and helping reduce environmental waste. They are a family owned company that is the leading multi-surface repair specialist and restoration service in Ireland.

Surface Renew has worked for Ireland’s leading building contractors both in the residential and the commercial sector along with the top residential developers that are building new homes throughout Ireland. Their teams of highly skilled mobile technicians are available to travel to all sites for any repairs throughout Ireland, they come fully prepared to perform repairs both internally and externally to any damaged surface.

The areas of work include the following;

New Homes: Surface Renew specialises in repairs for all snagging issues for new builds, helping repair surfaces that have become damaged during the final fitting out phase of a development. They have carried out numerous repairs for Ireland’s leading house builders and developers, they can repair virtually any surface damage caused during or after the damage on-site before handover or during the post-sale snagging process helping to fittings in the new home.

Commercial Construction: Year on Year Surface Renew helps Ireland’s top construction companies across Ireland with projects to ensure handover and completion on time. These companies call Surface Renew to renew, repair and restore the last few snags to site before client handover. Surface Renew prides itself on offering the highest quality finish to repairs at affordable prices all while being environmentally conscious and reducing landfill waste.

Insurance and Claims Management: Surface Renew has a wealth of experience when dealing with claims to repair damage for Insurance Claims. Their highly skilled team can help with a variety of damages including flooring, fire damage, exteriors damage and much more. By repairing the damage rather than replacing, Surface Renew helps with reducing the time and cost of the claim and in turn helps the environment.

Property and Facility Management: Surface Renew offers specialist repairs for the Facilities Management Industry. Their highly skilled repair team help facility managers across Ireland avoid time-consuming and costly replacement by carrying out high-quality repairs on-site to damaged surfaces. Repairing both internal and external damages in commercial premises,universities, schools, hotels, bars and hospitality. When accidental damage or natural wear and tear occurs Surface Renew can be trusted to get on site quickly and professionally while carrying out long-lasting repairs to a large variety of hard surfaces.

Domestic Homes: Surface Renew helps proud homeowners, landlords and tenants repair damaged surfaces both inside and outside the home. Their highly skilled technicians can repair everything from scratched glass to chipped bathroom suites. Repairing instead of replacing saves time and money and is more convenient for the homeowner as we do all repairs in your home.

Surfaces renewed include; basin, since and shower tray repairs, bath repairs, brick repairs, cabinets, carcasses and moulding, ceramic tile repair, decorative stone repair, glass repair- scratches and chips, laminate repairs including doors, floors, furniture and worktops, marble, granite and corian repairs, powered coating window and panel repairs, floor tile repairs, UPVC and cill repairs, wood repairs including floors, door and worktops, chipped countertops, scratched timber, scratched or chipped timber, damaged display cabinets, partitions and shelving, washroom areas, repairing cracked or chipped floor tiles, scratches to wood or laminate floors, repair to plaster walls, refurbishment of aluminium and window frames as well as holes, chips or scratches to sanitary ware.

Surface Renew provide resurfacing solutions for the following; new homes, commercial construction, domestic homes, insurance, hotel, catering and hospitality, facility management, property management, education and Government, retail and healthcare.

We have predominantly being doing a lot of commercial construction and we’re starting to work in more and more residential properties. We repair all damaged surfaces and a lot of the damages that we would come across include scrapes and cracks and after our work you cannot tell where the damage was in the first place. We also do a lot of glass repair work which is the unique selling point to our business as our glass repair work is a fraction of the cost instead of having to replace glass which is essentially much better for the environment as well, said Christina Torsney.

“We do a wide variety of repairs in people’s homes from doors that have been damaged by a pet to bathroom suites that have been chipped and cracked from wear and tear over the years. People are so delighted when they see the end result of our work and all of our staff are absolute perfectionists and they have great pride in their work. They won’t stop until they get the job right!

“We have received a huge amount of calls in the last number of weeks from homeowners who over the last year have been spending more and more time in their homes and are noticing things that need repairing which previously they may have been putting off when busy daily life had gotten in the way. With people’s lives now centered around their home from working and spending more family time they want to enjoy their surroundings and to bring it back to its best and invest in their homes,” added Ms Torsney.

As to the future of Surface Renew?
“I think we will be employing more staff in the not too distant future as there is a huge market out there for what we do and we’re only scratching the surface especially when it comes to home owners, tenants, property management companies and so forth,” concluded Christina Torsney.

Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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