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The future of airtightness is here Blowerproof Liquid will literally blow your mind!

In conversation with Feargal Driver of Blowerproof Ireland

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  • Blowerproof Liquid creates a continuous, flexible and permanent airtight seal and is also an intelligent vapour control membrane and radon barrier for commercial or residential barriers.

Blowerproof Liquid (a brand by Hevadex) is a vapour diffusion airtight liquid membrane that can be applied using a brush roller or sprayed . It is distributed in Ireland by a family run company in County Wicklow.

This product’s application are typically floor to wall junctions, wall chases, pipe protrusions or full walls for airtightness, vapour control, and radon applications.

Blowerproof Liquid is the ONLY liquid NSAI certified to Irish Building Regulations and is used on new builds/ retrofits. Increasingly Blowerproof Liquid is being specified on larger scale projects.

This product is manufactured in Belgium and has been used in Europe for the last 10 years and in Ireland for the last three years.

For floor to wall applications and wall chases Blowerproof brush fibre re enforced version is used, “simply paint to the junction without the use of a primer and now you have a permanent airtight seal”.

For full walls that require airtightness and vapour control there is a spray or roll version. All Blowerproof liquid products are certified by NSAI , BBA, Passive House Germany, and contain no VOC’s (nasty chemicals)

“Self builders especially love our products as a lot of the work can be done by themselves,” explained Feargal Driver.

“For larger scale projects architects require full traceability of products used, and Blowerproof is the only NSAI agrēment certified liquid airtightness and vapour control in the world.

“We have a specialist customer company Rascor Ireland that are approved to apply Blowerproof for radon barrier, they design and certify projects and are also fully insured.

“It is a VOC Free (volatile organic compound) which means that there are no toxic omissions in the product. Blowerproof Liquid can also be used on any substrate even damp substates. It has great adhesion and it can be applied to brick, wood, metal, or concrete.

“Sand and cement were traditionally used to make walls airtight, but it was not a vapour control membrane,this product is 10 times more airtight than sand and cement.

“Blowerproof is a water based polymer and flexes by 300% so cracking is not a problem. Blowerproof is like rubber airtight seal that resists air infiltration into and out of a building and has a lifetime expectancy certified by NSAI, BBA of whatever the surface it is applied to.

This product would make your house incredibly airtight and will not cost a fortune. Insulation is nothing without airtightness and Blowerproof is making airtightness and vapour control simple, concluded Mr Driver.



Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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