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The future of Lux Lighting is illuminating

John Vallentin speaks to Build & Renovate

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  • I'm delighted I bit the bullet.
  • The business has been flying.

Keen to transform your living area into something that is worth noticing? Lux Lighting brings you an array of light options that will surely steal the heart of everyone that visits you.

They have specific options in the veil of Modern Indoor Lighting in Ireland and ceiling lights for your home’s interior that help you create that perfect ambiance. If you are looking for the best lighting shop online in Ireland, they are the one for you. This company is a one stop destination for LED and none LED lighting, Internal,External, they have it all.

They bring to you a fabulous collection of LED lights for all the rooms in your home and for all your lighting needs. With an authentic collection of LED lights, this company focuses on enhancing your home’s interior and exterior exceptionally.

Lux Lighting have a versatile collection of LED strip lighting in many different colours to choose from to Decoration Lamp Light For Sale in Ireland in your living space.

They are not restricted to your interior décor needs only. Lux Lighting has everything you would need for those outdoor living areas. The company focuses on providing you an outstanding range of the best exterior LED lighting.

Whenever you are looking for that perfect light for your home’s exterior with luxurious décor options, they can provide a full range of enhancing options for all your desires.

From vintage to modern exterior lighting in Ireland, you can explore more at Lux Lighting to get the best designs you need.

With adequate options, this company lets you illuminate your space with external LED lighting that compliments your outdoor area. Whether you want to create night light effects or wish to enhance your home exterior in daylight, they have the best options available to suit your individual needs.

If you are in the mood for deepening the sophistication of your lighting at home, they have got it covered with a wide collection of lighting options.

Lux Lighting takes pride in providing you with modern lights for all the rooms in your home, living room, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, they have everything covered that will meet all your décor needs.

The team brings many opportunities to cast a new perspective by adding a lavish touch to your home interior. They also put extra emphasis on the lines, colours and shapes to contour your home with style and elegance.

Lux Lighting offer a wide array of options to make sure you get all the lighting needs that you are desperately looking for, from modern to vintage, we strive to cover all your desires with their decorative LED lamps, pendants, ceiling lights, this company always make sure you get the lighting solutions you need to add a modern touch to your beautiful home. No matter what you want, they have it covered to make your home perfect.

When you are on that quest for different shades, styles, and designs, their Living room Floor lamps will be something that entices you. They desperately look to bring you that diverse lighting collection to make sure you will find something stylish that helps make your home look more beautiful.

The team makes sure every moment you spend at home is dazzled by providing you with modern lighting options.

This company also believes that providing you with fabulous designs and low energy consumption that keep electricity bills low is important. This is why they focus on bringing you exceptional designs and stylish Led Bulbs Ireland to beautify your home.

At Lux Lighting, the team is also a specialist supplier of large modern,and classic chandeliers that help you make a personalized style statement. You can scroll through their lighting collection and choose that perfect light for that perfect statement piece in your home.

I have worked in the lighting and electrical industry working for a number of large companies for 22 years and then I went out on my own last June. The business began online and people began asking to see our products in reality so we then opened up a showroom and the business has been flying ever since, said John Vallentin.

“We deal with a lot of Interior Designers and trade customers as well as a lot of retail customers. We’re based in Waterford but we have customers coming to us from Kildare, Dublin, Wexford, Galway and further afield which is absolutely fantastic.

“Setting up my own business throughout the pandemic was a massive step to take but it is something that I have always wanted to do and I found myself in a position to do it so I did it and I’m delighted that I bit the bullet,” enthused Mr Vallentin.

In terms of the future of Lux Lighting?
“I feel very positive about the future of the business as we’re growing organically and things are going well and we are on target so hopefully down the line we may open up a second shop in a different part of Ireland,” concluded John Vallentin.


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