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The pandemic has made my business busier

In conversation with award winning Interior Designer Mariola Mialkowska

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  • “You don’t have to be building a new home or renovating to avail of MM Interior Design services.”
  • “MMinteriordesign services include planning, design, documents and project management.”

MMineriordesign is a design studio in which Mariola Miałkowska along with a team of qualified architects and interior designers implementing its vision of housing made-to-measure. The interiors are a reflection of timeless style and philosophy by Mariola Miałkowska. Their aesthetics correspond with the convenience and functionality.

MMinteriordesign also won the HSA Home Staging Awards in 2019 winning the award for Best Customer Service.

The unique approach to customers from MMineriordesign is characterised by the complexity of the services and attention to the smallest detail. The MMineriordesign team under the watchful eye of Mariola Miałkowska implements projects on behalf of individual and corporate throughout the country and abroad.

On special request also makes the selection of furniture lighting and any additives associated with the interior, all to meet the expectations of the most demanding customers. Originality, full-commitment and constant supervision has to bring good results!

This practice’s client base includes Europe, Poland, Germany, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, Sweden as well as clients from UAE, Dubai and Abu Dhabi. In the era of cyber developed and efficient communication, geographical boundaries are no longer obstacles and the reach of this company depends only on the expectations of their customers.

For them, the team is willing to cross the mountains and the sea, arrange exotic spaces, and catch up with dreams!

MMinteriordesign services include planning, design, documents and project management.

The studio’s planning services include; an interview to determine client needs, schedules and budgets, inventory of existing furnishings and other items to be reused, provide measurements and space plans with furniture layouts as well as developing the project timeline.

Their design services include; developing budgets on all interior finishes and works, assisting in material, finish and furnishing analysis, recommendations and buying, review and coordinate furniture layout with lighting and electrical plans as well as coordinating fine art and decorative accessories.

The document work includes; demolition/ new partition plans, electrical plans, reflected ceiling plans/ lighting plans as well as wall, floor and furniture plans and schedules.
Project management services include; co-ordinating works and review drawings with contractors such as Civil Engineer, tiler, painter, electrician, carpenter etc, maintain project schedules, manage all bids (materials and works), provide on-site inspections during construction, provide punch lists of all work to be completed, provide final hand-over to client.

Other services by MMinteriordesign include;
Consultation- You don’t have to be building a new home or renovating to avail of MM Interior Design services. During the consultation Mariola gives general advice throughout the house or concentrates on a specific area. All information is given to the client on the day.

Topics clients like to get advice on include; paint colour for each room, furniture layout, storage solutions, bathroom layout, flooring options, kitchen layout, should I extend or work with what I have? Lamp size and style, how to treat windows, finishing touches, where to hang pictures and what size they should be? Where to source items being suggested? Tradesmen recommendations, how to start the project and what order work should be carried out in.

3D Project and Visualisation- Get a presentation on how your room will look as well as a custom plan for each project management. MMinteriordesign can do all of the above including arranging and managing the construction company.

I was very happy to win the award in 2019, I know that I can offer something different to my customers, said Mariola Miałkowska

“I’m a good Interior Designer and people know who I am in Cork.

The pandemic has made my business busier as people are making an office at home as well as they are living at home more than ever before and they want to change everything in their home.

“People want to change their homes dramatically and I’ve bookings for renovations and consultations for the majority of the year which is great for my business,’’

concluded Ms Mialkowska.





Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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