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In conversation with Feargal Foley of Modoco

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  • “This combination of working methods means that you get machine precision with a personal, hand finished appearance.”
  • “We are very much a design orientated company."
  • "Customers can choose from their range of quality materials to create a bespoke contemporary kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a custom made equivalent."

The team at Modoco comprising of Feargal Foley, Michael McLaughlin and James Crowley design and fabricate custom doors, drawer fronts, cover panels, worktops and handles for IKEA kitchen cabinets. All of their designs are created in-house. Their studio in Dublin is where concepts are born and ideas are tested in the Limerick based workshop. As Architects and craftspeople, the team understands how kitchens need to be designed and made.

Customers can choose from their range of quality materials to create a bespoke contemporary kitchen at a fraction of the cost of a custom made equivalent. Modoco is committed to helping customers make sustainable choices when selecting a kitchen. They use FSC certified plywoods and partner with suppliers that reflect their principles of sustainability. They also believe in using high quality and durable materials thus breaking the cycle of cheap and disposable furniture in homes.

“With first hand access to all of the fabrication equipment, it allows us to continue to customise and experiment, keeping our ideas fresh and our products innovative. We produce everything in our own workshop, meaning that we have full control over the quality and finish of every item delivered. Our love of kitchens started out with our passion for wood and woodworking. We use the latest technology and digital fabrication in the manufacturing process, and yet, finish everything by hand. This combination of working methods means that you get machine precision with a personal, hand finished appearance,” said Feargal Foley.

“Essentially, we provide an almost limitless option of colour and material choice for our customers. Typically, when a customer would visit a kitchen company they would have a selection of six or eight choices of finish, but because we make everything bespoke ourselves, we can offer a huge variety to our clients.

“We are very much a design orientated company emanating from the fact that both James and I are practising Architects and Mike qualified as an architect before turning his skills to joinery. During the course of our architectural careers, we have seen the whole spectrum when it comes to kitchen design. This led us wondering as to where we could get a high-end finish akin to a custom tailor-made kitchen with the affordability of mass production.

The integration of what we could do with the IKEA systems seemed to be the best fit. This also allows our customers to adapt their kitchen down the line should they wish. For example, if they want an extra internal drawer two years from now, they simply go to IKEA and pick one up off the shelf and pop it in. What our company produces would be quite visual and a lot of our clients would go for vastly different colours. One customer may decide to go with an olive-green linoleum paired with solid oak veneer, whilst another may go with a combination of blue and yellow high-pressure laminate along with birch ply. The possibilities are endless!” he continued.

“We don’t fit the kitchen, we supply only whilst working very closely with our clients. This includes drawing each kitchen to tease through details with them. We will assist the customer when it comes to finding a kitchen fitter for them and our products are installed just as their IKEA equivalent parts do, so it’s very straight forward. A lot of the people who would come to us have a very clear idea in their minds as to what they want in terms of colours and finishes, but for those who may be unsure, samples of the various materials can be ordered through our website.

“Looking to the future, we are constantly looking to innovate and develop the company. We are currently working on a similar service for IKEA’s Pax wardrobe system and hope to roll that out this year. Similarly, we are about to launch an interactive online quote calculator on our website. This will enable our customers to upload their IKEA schedule onto our website, which will in turn, generate a quote instantly for them based on their preferred colours and finishes,” added Mr Foley.

Words: Emer KellyImages: Modoco

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