This new collection highlights the beauty and uniqueness of Dekton.

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  • “For Silestone, we launched a collection last year and we are launching a new collection next year.”
  • "This new collection highlights the beauty and uniqueness of Dekton.”

Cosentino Group, global leader in the production and distribution of innovative and sustainable surfaces for architecture and design, presents Dekton® Onirika, the latest collection of its leading innovative ultracompact brand surfaces. Cosentino and international interior design powerhouse, Nina Magon, have come together to create a one-of-a-kind Dekton® collection.

Inspired by marble patterns and immersive living, the stunning series showcases eight daring colours: Awake, Lucid, Somnia, Neural, Trance, Vigil, Daze and Morpheus, that represent the ethos of both brands: sustainability, forward-thinking innovations, and timeless elegance. Onirika represents a powerful journey of a detour in our dreams where boundaries between dreams and reality vanish.

Onirika is a collection that unites the poetic and unique beauty of stones harnessed by Dekton® technology, just as those dreams where we observe and vaguely feel in control but only the deepest part of the mind truly understands.

The collection is named in honour of the lavish inspiration of the two worlds conveyed in marbled colours to captivate the eyes and bring to any space a feeling that is understood but cannot be explained.

“This new collection highlights the beauty and uniqueness of Dekton which is highly resistant to stains, scratches, UV rays and heat plus is very easy to clean and requires minimal maintenance.

Dekton can be used in many different applications; from kitchen countertops, to flooring, furniture, wall cladding, or even outdoor applications such as BBQ areas, paving, etc. Additionally, Dekton is Carbon Neutral.

The only cradle to grave Carbon Neutral brand in its category” explained Itan Garrido.

Lucy Kennedy, who did a collaboration with Cosentino Ireland recently, has Dekton Rem from the Natural Collection in her kitchen. Lucy was amazing to work with! She was so easy to work with and as a person she is so warm hearted, genuine and kind. It was like chatting and working with a friend whilst also being very professional.

“When she arrived at the showroom, she mentioned that she wanted to learn all about our brands and products to get the best option for her kitchen. The best option for her was a product from the Dekton range as she has young children and she was very impressed when she heard that her children could draw all over the countertop with a Sharpie (permanent marker) and she could wipe it off with a sponge.”

With this new collection only launched in recent weeks, will there be any new additions to the range?

“We are launching another Dekton collection called Krafitzen in November. A series of five beautiful colours with rich deep textures reminiscent of Venetian stucco. For Silestone, we launched a collection last year and we are launching a new collection next year,” finished Itan Garrido.


Images: WebpressWords: Emer Kelly

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