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Understanding the residential market and the power of presentation

Claire of In the Space talks to Build & Renovate

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  • “Look at who your potential buyers are and what they are looking for.”
  • "It’s the small touches such as bedroom dressings and soft furnishings that make a world of difference."

Home Staging enhances the aesthetic appeal of a property to attract all prospective renters or buyers. Staged homes are proven to rent and sell quicker and ultimately increase the sales price.

First impressions really do last so by setting a home, it allows the buyer or renter to really see the possibilities and future in the space. This is true from a studio apartment to a large family home.

The benefits of engaging in this company’s expertise not only improve the appeal of the property but also speed up the rent/ sale process significantly.

Each project is unique, so this company offers a tailored package to suit all budgets. The company’s aim is to provide their clients with a seamless and hassle free experience that results in each property coming to the market in optimum condition.

The team at In the Space understands the current market, client needs and most importantly the power of presentation. In the Space’s services include staging to rent, staging to sell, colour consultation, kitchen and bathroom refit and full project management.


“An opportunity came up for me a couple of years ago through a local estate agent who knew that I had an interest in interiors and design so asked if I would give a hand in styling and setting the properties for photographs and viewings . It just went from there; I worked in fashion buying and pursued staging on the side, but now I’m doing it full time,’’ said Claire

“My job is to make a property as appealing as I can whilst on a tight time frame and a budget. It has to be done efficiently and really get results. I’m here to help the estate agent and the owner of the property.”

In terms of tips Claire would give to someone potentially renting/ selling a property?
“Declutter and depersonalise your space whether you are renting or selling. Stage where matters such as rooms with the biggest potential . Clean, clean and more clean! Kitchens and bathrooms are the rooms being used most so it is important to have them gleaming. If you can afford it and have the time, refreshen wall paint as it really makes a huge difference to a home on the market.

“Look at who your potential buyers are and what they are looking for. If you have a family home, what areas of the home do you think can be elevated to make it look attractive? If you have a city apartment, does the bathroom need to be worked on or does the kitchen/living space need to be reorganised? “Taking furniture out is always key to creating more space if you are selling while living in the property.

“Where possible, keep the colour palette as neutral as you can when it comes to styling/ staging. Use whites/ creams on the walls and you can bring in a splash of colour with cushions and throws etc,’’ she enthused.

“Look at the property you are working with and style it accordingly. There is no point in adding too much in to create a vision, it’s more about looking at what its best features are and highlighting those. Staging does not have to break the bank, it’s the small touches such as bedroom dressings and soft furnishings that make a world of difference.

“If you are buying a house and it is already freshly painted , that is a big job off the list. If a kitchen isn’t up to scratch and you know it is going to devalue the house, it is worthwhile investing in changing the countertops or respraying the doors and units.

Investing in pre-sale advice from our team will get more people in the door and increase the final sales price by at least 10% . People want a turnkey property but be able to add on their own touches in years to come, Concluded Claire

In The Space Interiors :

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Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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