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In conversation with Kerry Hiddleston

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  • "The project is still ongoing."
  • "The clients were lovely to deal with."

Interior Designer Kerry Hiddleston specialises in both commercial and residential design and her focus is on understanding the client’s needs and delivering a beautiful and practical space with the wow factor. She is also an Interior Designer on RTÉ’s ‘DIYSOS, renovation programme and her work has been featured on RTÉ’s ‘Home of the Year,’ as well as in numerous publications.

Here, she talks to Build & Renovate about a recent project…

The brief for this project was to update and style a property that had had a big renovation job done on it a few years previously but not completed in terms of decor. The project went very smoothly, massively helped by having very proactive, engaged and helpful clients, said Kerry Hiddleston.

“There were a few delays which were/are COVID related. In fact, we have a few rooms awaiting completion as the joinery/painting couldn’t be finished but it’s nearly there. We’ve also been dealing with some UK suppliers and some have stopped delivering to Ireland, elsewhere there have been delays! There was also a leak (legacy issue and the fun of older houses!) and the bathrooms had to be retiled and a room repainted but we got there,’‘ enthused Ms Hiddleston.

“The project is still ongoing but all in, taking restrictions out of the equation it has taken us about between two to three months to get this project across the line.”

As to what the home owners think of their home?

“They love it. It’s a beautiful home with a mix of original features and contemporary style. I think their kitchen/living room would be their favourite space in the house. It’s the old adage but it’s the heart of the home. They are social and like cooking and entertaining, it has a very convivial atmosphere. It opens out to the garden and has a fabulous garden and it has a fabulous sofa, artwork and a beautiful kitchen,” she enthused.

In terms of Kerry’s overall thoughts on the project?

“I loved working on it. The clients were lovely to deal with, with similar taste style and we gelled. It was a pleasure,” concluded Kerry Hiddleston.


Kerry Hiddleston

    Words: Emer KellyImages: Hiddleston Interiors

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