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We are constantly progressing the area of ventilation

David McHugh of ProAir Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems talks to Emer Kelly

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  • “A Heat Recovery Ventilation system will save you money and reduce your energy requirements for heating by re-using the heat that is normally lost through poor construction.”
  • “We are heavily invested in research and development to ensure you are getting the best product for your home.”

David McHugh is the founder of ProAir Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems, Ireland’s only manufacturer and industry leading specialist of Mechanical Heat Recovery and Ventilation.

“We started with a small workshop many years ago and now have three locations, our manufacturing facility in Galway and offices in Dublin and Cork so we are well positioned to design, supply, install and service systems throughout Ireland,” he explained.

With more than 25 years’ experience in providing cost effective and efficient ventilation systems to buildings in general, ProAir Systems were well placed to move into what has now become the thriving sector which is the low energy construction industry today.

All units installed are fully certified and in compliance with current building regulations and ProAir covers a wide range of sectors including residential, education, hospitality, healthcare and commercial.

Their nZEB qualified, professional team provide an end-to-end service to ensure your home will be healthy, comfortable and energy efficient.

“Our customer focused service enables us to provide the very best solution for your home, whether you are building, renovating or extending. A bespoke system is designed specifically for your home, our highly skilled technicians install in compliance with the most up to date regulations and certification is received upon completion.”

With any ventilation system it is important to check and change the filters at least annually to maintain the optimum indoor air quality. If your house is located near a busy road or other source of pollution it may be necessary to change the filters more often. The filters keep your heat exchanger and supply air ducting clean and operating well by collecting household and external pollutants.

Aftersales support, including filter sales, is provided by ProAir customer care and we are developing the service area of the business to meet customer needs for maintaining their system into the future. All ProAir systems come with a standard three-year warranty from the day of commissioning for added peace of mind

A full range of residential ventilation systems is offered by ProAir:
Mechanical Extract Ventilation (MEV) provides continuous extract ventilation of stale and moisture laden air from wet rooms and is the basic requirement to achieve compliance under current building regulations (Ventilation-Part F) addressing the requirements of the social housing and renovation market.

The PA600LI is ProAir’s flagship product, Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, providing a continuous supply of fresh filtered air and extracting stale air, changing the air in your home more than ten times a day.

A Heat Recovery Ventilation system will save you money and reduce your energy requirements for heating by re-using the heat that is normally lost through poor construction. A Heat Recovery Ventilation system is also designed to operate continuously at a low rate to minimise the electrical energy consumption.

Comfort levels are superior in a house fitted with a Heat Recovery Ventilation system/unit. Irrespective of weather conditions, draught free balanced ventilation is provided all the time.

Later this year they are expanding the product range with the launch of the PA750LI for house sizes up to 300 square metres. ProAir also have the PA600PLI , which was designed specifically for the growing Passive and nZEB building market. Based on the PA600LI unit, the Passive House unit has several additional sensors to ensure Passive House standards can be achieved, this unit achieved Passive House Certification in 2016.

ProAir are the Irish distributors for the Jablotron Futura, a unique MVHR system: Fully demand controlled and equipped with integrated functionality for heating and cooling aimed at passively designed homes with low energy requirements of 10 watts per square metre. As a Passive House certified unit, it ensures high efficiencies. Futura is specifically designed and intended for passive-standard homes, which have perfectly insulated envelopes and have minimised solar gains.

Futura automatically adapts the ventilation level to meet the requirements for optimum indoor air quality based on information from the CO2 sensors.

We use the analogy of ‘lungs’ as the unit represents the lungs of your home and it works in the same way — it ensures air exchange in a natural and automatic manner so that you experience comfort all year round.

“We are heavily invested in research and development to ensure you are getting the best product for your home, and we have a team in Atlantic Technological University Galway working to develop the most innovative products available.

We are continuously monitoring and fine tuning our units and we are to the fore when it comes to incorporating the latest innovations into our systems achieve optimum performance levels,” added David.

Covid created a greater awareness of the importance of indoor air quality and ProAir redoubled efforts to address ventilation issues, particularly in schools.

They have MVHR installed in a school and the system is ventilating based on CO2 levels. In addition to this, MVHR contributes to the heat recovery from the stale air to the fresh air inside the classroom, and it keeps the humidity level in a comfortable zone for the children.

Overall, results show that the impact of the MVHR unit in classrooms has been very positive with an estimated 37% improvement in the indoor air quality when compared to previous conditions.

“We are constantly progressing the area of ventilation, have a great team and are excited about the future here at ProAir, continuing to provide Irish Innovation in Indoor air,” concluded Mr McHugh.



Words: Emer Kelly Images: Webpress

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