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We are immensely proud to be recognised as a Business All-Star accredited company

A synopsis of Wastewater Solutions

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  • "Septic tanks are the most traditional way of dealing with wastewater."
  • "Our domestic business is probably where we have excelled the most."
  • "The first step when specifying a new wastewater treatment system is an EPA site suitability assessment."

Wastewater Solutions is an Irish based family business founded in 2004. Over the years we have aligned ourselves with some of the most established manufacturers in the wastewater industry worldwide, this has enabled us to deal with even the most complicated of projects.

We design, supply, install, and service wastewater treatment systems for the domestic, commercial, and municipal industries in Ireland. We have a specialised team of people who are always looking to take on new challenges and provide a professional and straightforward service to our new and existing customers.

“Our domestic business is probably where we have excelled the most, we have always been able to source and supply the best systems available on the market. Obviously like anything else technology and regulations are constantly changing, and we have made it our priority to supply modern, cost-effective solutions to builders and homeowners across the country.

“In Ireland we are governed by the EPA Code of Practice 2021 and SR66. This means that every system sold must go through a strict testing process to be compliant with these regulations.
The first step when specifying a new wastewater treatment system is an EPA site suitability assessment.

This will determine how many bedrooms are in the house, what the ground conditions are like on-site and how much space is available to safely discharge treated effluent to ground water. Other factors such as a water table or bedrock on-site, private well, local water supply, watercourse or river also must be taken into consideration.

“There are minimum separation distances that must be maintained to minimise the risk of pollution of our drinking water and the environment. Every site has different requirements in terms of a system and it’s the engineer’s job to recommend a practical cost-effective solution.

Why do I need a wastewater treatment system? Why can’t I install a traditional septic tank?
“Septic tanks are the most traditional way of dealing with wastewater when you don’t have access to a main sewer. The problem is they also need the biggest footprint to operate correctly within the current regulations and not every site has suitable ground conditions and space available to facilitate a large percolation area.

A wastewater treatment system utilises aeration to allow aerobic biodegradation (provides oxygen to bacteria) to treat the wastewater. This provides a higher standard of treatment which in turn allows your percolation area to be smaller.

It also allows for greater flexibility when positioning your wastewater treatment system on-site as you have the option to pump the treated effluent to your percolation area (discharging to groundwater) without the need to worry about achieving a gravity flow. This can make better use of the space on-site and give you that flexibility you need to build your dream home.

What type of percolation area do I need to comply with my planning permission?
“There are a couple of options when determining what percolation area is suitable for you. Percolation trenches are the most traditional method and can be used after both a septic tank and wastewater treatment system. The size of your percolation trenches will depend on ground conditions and the concentration of the effluent.

For example: percolation trenches used after a septic tank have a larger footprint than trenches used after a wastewater treatment system. Other options include low pressure pipe networks, drip irrigation, UV Filters, zero discharge willow beds, and tertiary filters.

What is the best system to install if my site has poor drainage, limited space or I need the smallest footprint possible to give me the best chance of being able to extend my property in the future?

“We would always recommend sizing your wastewater treatment system on the maximum number of bedrooms you plan to have in your home at any given time. This ensures you will have not a scenario where the wastewater treatment system is overloaded and could potentially cause problems at the most inconvenient of times (guests during the summer months, Christmas, family events etc) it also gives you that option to extend your home later without the need to upgrade your system to comply with planning permission.

Tertiary Filters were designed to keep the footprint of a wastewater treatment system as small as possible. They are basically an extra line of defence before the treated effluent is discharged to groundwater. Most tertiary filters have always been constructed on-site using blends of certified sand/gravel. In 2013 we started supplying a revolutionary pre-packaged tertiary filter into the market in Ireland called the Ecoflo.

Utilising premium quality organic coconut husk the Ecoflo furthers treats the effluent coming from a wastewater treatment system which allows your percolation area to be vastly reduced thus giving you that space back on-site or achieving planning permission where no other option is accepted.

The Ecoflo becomes a percolation area, carrying out the further treatment the ground is usually subject to with traditional septic tanks and wastewater treatment systems on their own.

The Ecoflo is an excellent option on a site with poor drainage, limited space or you just want that flexibility in the future. The Ecoflo comes with a 10-year warranty and has been sold all over the world for 25-years. We are very proud to be the first distributors of the Ecoflo in Ireland.

Do I need to service or maintain my wastewater treatment system?
“Every wastewater treatment system requires regular servicing and maintenance to ensure the system is fully compliant with Local County Council and EPA regulations as well prolong the lifetime and performance of components. We have service technicians based nationwide which helps us to provide a fast and efficient service to our customers. We can provide service contracts that may be required during planning, monthly payment plans to spread out the cost of annual servicing as well as emergency breakdown callouts. Due a service? Contact us today to see if we can help!

Business All-Star Accreditation 2021
‘’We are immensely proud to be recognised as a Business All-Star accredited company. We have been in the industry for 17-years and it’s great that we can compare ourselves as a business to some of the best in the country. We pride ourselves on our ability to keep moving forward and improve all aspects of the business, we feel this was another big step for us as a company and we look forward to what the future brings.”
-Philip Johnston (Managing Director)



Words: Emer KellyImages: Webpress

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