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We supply bespoke soft furniture for luxury living

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  • "Everything is tailored to the customers requirements."
  • "Often, either the client or the Interior Designer will provide us with interesting colourways and new fabrics."

Mono has the aim of producing high quality furniture for our customers with products ranging from sofas, occasional chairs, kitchen stools, dining chairs, footstools, headboards and scatter cushions to compliment the soft furnishings in your room.

The team at Mono Furniture encourage you to come and see their stunning new range of bespoke furniture. All their furniture can be made to your individual taste, in various sizes, fabrics and finishes. They work with interior designers, specifiers on residential and commercial projects and no project is too or too small.

“The client is at the forefront of what we do and it is important for us to inform the customer that every piece is custom made for them, they have the freedom to choose and we have so many styles of furniture and fabric options as well as wood stain and other finishes. We work with the client to ensure that their style comes across in their furniture,” explained Padraig.

“What sets us apart from other retailers is that our customers don’t simply enter our showroom and leave with a suite of furniture, they get inspiration and from there everything is tailored to the customer’s requirements down to every finer detail.

“A lot of kitchens have a big island as a feature and we are seeing that our bar stools are becoming really popular to put around the island, these again have many fabric options, you can pair a functional leather interior with a soft outer fabric.

Their style can also come through in a bar stool as some home owners will choose contrasting fabric on the back of the seat which will tie in with their living room especially if it is an open plan space which leads to a lovely flow throughout the home,” he added.

“We work directly with the client on a lot of the projects that we do as well as also working alongside an Interior Designer if the client is working with one. The Interior Designer will know the style of the client as well as the colour scheme that they would like to bring in. Often, either the client or the Interior Designer will provide us with interesting colourways and new fabrics. Our range of fabrics is always growing to suit every need of our customer, we take time to source the highest quality fabrics from all over the globe,” finished Padraig.

Words: Emer KellyImages: Mono Furniture

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