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We’ve been progressive and it’s onwards and upwards

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  • "We're an Irish company and we're on the ground for customer service and support."
  • "Our tap is a lot cheaper to run than a kettle so that is where the efficiency comes in."

QmPress Ltd is an Irish-owned company that supplies the highest-quality smart-technology boiling water 4in1 taps at affordable prices to the Irish market.

Their mission is to supply products with exceptional quality along with a dedicated customer service as back up. In addition to the Qmpress Instaboil 4in1 taps, they also sell their own range of coloured sinks, flexi hose standard taps and waste disposal units.

“Boiling water taps seem to be the way forward and everyone seems to be installing them. We designed, engineered and branded it ourselves; our tap is a 4in1 (Boiling filtered and cold filtered water, hot and cold mains) and we’re built around child safety, as well as efficiency; we have a childproof lock on the boiling side and our tap is a lot cheaper to run than a kettle so that is where the efficiency comes in,” explained Micheál Jordan.

“The advantage that we would have over our competitors is that we’re an Irish company and we’re on the ground for customer service and support,” added Mr Jordan


“When I worked in the plumbing industry, I found that there was a lack of Irish companies supplying products. Micheál and I came up with the idea for creating a tap that is local to Ireland and the business has gone from there.

We were one of the first companies to design the 4in1 tap as there was only a 3in1 tap on the market at that time,” enthused Alan Moynihan.

“We’re based in Killarney and all of our after service is based there. Our products are displayed in a lot of showrooms all over Ireland.

We’ve sold almost 2,000 taps and the business is going very well at the moment.

We’re getting our name out there all the time and we’re pushing the Irish element of the business.

Our social media presence is growing and we’ve also exhibited at the Ideal Home Show. A lot of social media influencers have got our product installed in their home also.

In the short space of three years, we’ve been progressive and it’s onwards and upwards,” he added.

“Our reviews speak for themselves, and exceptional customer service is a priority for us,” concluded Micheál Jordan.

Words: Emer KellyImages: QM Press

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