What we do is very custom to each customer

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  • "People are becoming a lot braver with their design choices."
  • "The project is done and delivered in 12 weeks."

Founded in 2015 by Brian Tyrrell, the team at Bear Creation pour their hearts into designing and manufacturing high quality furniture and homeware. With their experience of timber furniture, metalworking and upholstery, they believe they can produce heirloom pieces that age beautifully and will be passed through generations.

“As we deal with bespoke pieces, the process can become very chaotic! We have enough practice from many years experience of working in the industry to deal with anything that is thrown at us. Each step we take with a client is done as rigorously as possible which means the project runs smoothly as a result of that,” explained Erica Cuthbertson.

“When you contact us, I will ask you a few questions about what you would like done as well as the space/ room you’re working with. Once the customer has decided on some design options, we then organise a design consultation with Brian who discusses the entire project with the client and once they are happy with everything, the project is done and delivered in 12 weeks.

“We are in constant contact with the client, updating them on what stage they are at when it comes to their project which works out quite well for us as well as the customer. We find that our work comes through a mixture of both repeat clients as well as word of mouth from previous clients which is lovely.

“People are becoming a lot braver with their design choices, what we do is very custom to each customer but we are getting a lot more requests for more colour as well as something that stands out a bit more which makes the project very interesting for us,” added Ms Cuthbertson.


Words: Emer KellyImages: Bear Creation

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