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Why Rointe Is Fast Becoming The Heating Solution Of Choice For So Many Irish Customers

In a world where home heating has become increasingly focused towards sustainability, Rointe are paving the way with a range of solutions that focus on innovations that not only benefit the environment but can also help improve efficiency to reduce customer heating costs.


Rointe’s technically advanced heating systems help create comfortable spaces by employing smart technical features such as their patented Fuzzy Logic Energy Control.

This system helps optimize stable heating by analysing thermal variations to select the perfect output level.

Coupled with Rointe’s connectability through WiFi these products can be easily operated from a smartphone or other device (such as Alexa) using the Rointe connect app to put you in complete control of your smart heating system.


Rointe’s focus on technical design is matched with a passion for creating stylish products that compliment your interiors.

Every Rointe product is designed with the user in mind from high-quality value lines such as the Kyros range right up to Designline; Rointe’s premier product category.

The rointe Designline series gives the customer a huge range of style options. By using metals and textures like aged gold, copper edging and marble, alongside beautiful RAL colours like ruby reds, vibrant yellows and cool greys, Rointe have created a great range of beautiful heating solutions designed with you, the customer, in mind.


Rointe’s electric radiators’ low and steady output makes them a much safer option for families in comparison to more traditional heating systems.

Their surface temperature does not exceed 43°C once a steady working rate has been achieved and heat is evenly distributed throughout the radiator surface.

In other products, temperature gradients occur between different parts of the product causing a variability in surface temperatures.

Oil Filled radiators can reach 58.4°C while Storage Heaters (70.2°C) and Panel Heaters (81.2°C) reach temperature levels that could cause significant burns in young children in a matter of seconds.

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