Your health is your wealth

I think it is worth talking about our Physical & Mental Health Wellbeing as Construction workers in current times.

Your health is your wealth

I think it is worth talking about our Physical & Mental Health Wellbeing as Construction workers in current times.

Any person who works in the Construction industry knows that we are always working towards an end goal of completing a project or a job at hand, within a set time and to a set budget. This can be very rewarding in terms of getting that feeling of job satisfaction when you handover a completed project, but can also be quite taxing on us physically & mentally. Being under the constant pressure of meeting deadlines and of course the stress of meeting budgets, while try to make a profit, is not easy.

These pressures and stresses can accumulate to a point that makes it feels like things are getting on top of us, add the fact that a lot of construction jobs are physically tough, so it is not unusual for our mood and our thoughts to be affected.

This is why I feel we need to have a release from these pressures and during more normal times, we had our social outlets or sports & hobbies to give us this. Unfortunately the Covid pandemic has obviously restricted us from doing the things that gave us our outlets for some head space. We all need to keep the balance right between work, family, rest and good mind set.

Keep your head in the right Space

We all have our good days & bad days. We all have moments when things can get on top of us. This is when we need to be able to talk to someone and have a support network that can help. This can be a close friend or a total stranger. It doesn’t matter who it is once you feel comfortable talking to them. I have purposely starting doing fun dance videos, with my work mates on my Instagram account @pete­_thebuilder. I’m doing this to add a bit of fun to our working day and to hoping give people viewing a laugh. It also breaks any onsite tensions and gives us plenty of fuel for banter while we work.

I am honoured to have been involved in helping some really good organisations that are pushing some great campaigns which are aimed at breaking down any stigma’s attached to mental health issues or feelings of depression. We have all heard the saying ‘Its Ok to not be Ok’. Well no truer words have been spoken.

Ohana Zero suicide awareness group have an excellent platform where you can complete an on-line course that trains you to identify if someone may be having suicidal thoughts. I highly recommend everyone to take this training, as it may help you save someone from making a bad choice with a simple chat or goodwill gesture. Every person trained is another person who may help save a life. Go to www.Ohana.ie

We like to move it, move it

Exercise is also an amazing way of releasing built up energies and emotions. The feel good factor after exercising is REAL and has definitely helped me get my head clear and stay positive, during these difficult and uncertain times. My sister Sue & I started doing early morning runs & workouts at the start of the first Lockdown and we have not stopped since.

I really feel the benefits of this to my mental health and obviously to my physical wellbeing too. Getting out and getting moving is without doubt a seriously positive step in the right direction. I would also recommend that any person reading this article to make a wise decision and go get a medical check-up. We can’t let a year go by without getting our vehicles checked, so just think of it like an NCT for your body. I was part of a fantastic campaign lead by Chadwicks Builders Providers, that encouraged Construction workers to join the NTC – National Trade Check and advocates getting a medical check done.

I am now part of the team on the ‘Constructive Voices Podcast’ and I will be discussing the items above, along with many other Construction based topics, so please tune in to hear more on these very important subjects.

So folks, Let’s do this! Let’s be Kind, Let’s talk, Let’s show we care, Let’s ask some questions, Let’s get out there, Let’s get some fresh air & Let’s get some good head space! Pete


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