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Build & Renovate: Welcome to our discussion today about innovative window treatments with Seaside Interiors. To begin, could you introduce yourself and your role within Seaside Interiors?

Artur Maza : Thank you for having me! I’m Artur Maza, Managing Director at Seaside Interiors. My role primarily involves assisting clients in selecting the perfect window treatments that complement their interior design preferences and lifestyle.

B&R: Fantastic! Let’s dive into the topic of day-night blinds. Could you explain what distinguishes day-night blinds from other types of window treatments?

AM: Of course! Day-night blinds are a revolutionary window treatment option that combines the functionality of both traditional blinds and shades in a single product. They consist of alternating sheer and opaque horizontal panels, which allow for versatile light control. This unique design enables users to adjust the blinds to filter light during the day while maintaining privacy and then transition to complete privacy and darkness at night.

B&R: That sounds incredibly versatile. How does this versatility benefit homeowners or businesses?

AM: The versatility of day-night blinds offers several advantages. Firstly, they provide exceptional control over natural light and privacy levels throughout the day. By adjusting the panels, individuals can regulate the amount of light entering a room without compromising their privacy. Secondly, these blinds come in various styles, colours, and fabric options, allowing customers to match their decor and achieve the desired aesthetic appeal. They also come as standard with aluminium cassettes in various colours! Lastly, day-night blinds are remarkably durable and easy to maintain, making them a long-term investment for any space.

B&R: What specific design trends or preferences have you observed regarding the usage of day-night blinds in different spaces?

AM: We’ve noticed a growing trend in incorporating day-night blinds in modern and contemporary interior designs. Many homeowners and businesses are drawn to the clean and sleek appearance of these blinds, which seamlessly complement minimalist aesthetics. Moreover, they are versatile enough to fit into various design schemes, from urban chic to coastal or traditional styles. Customers appreciate the adaptability and functionality of day-night blinds, making them a popular choice across diverse interior design preferences.

B&R: Are there any tips or recommendations you’d offer to someone considering day-night blinds for their space?

AM: Absolutely! When considering day-night blinds, it’s crucial to assess your specific needs regarding light control and privacy. Additionally, take advantage of the wide array of fabric and colour options available to match your existing decor or create a new design theme. Also, consult with professionals or design experts to ensure accurate measurements and proper installation for optimal functionality.

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