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An introduction to Coatek

Hugh Kenny Talks to Build & Renovate

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  • “Privacy film is a great option.”
  • “Window films are becoming an increasingly popular option.”
  • “High quality customer service is at the heart of what we do.”
  • “The past 12 months have been eye opening.”

Coatek are a nationwide supplier and installer of window films for commercial and residential customers. They also produce all types of signage, branding, wall graphics and manifestations for commercial industries from hospitality and retail to office fitouts, industrial units and much more.

The family run business is based in Gorey, County Wexford but they have crews throughout the country, including a dedicated Munster team who take care of the South and West of Ireland.
Hugh Kenny, Managing Director of Coatek, started out initially with car tinting but quickly knew he wanted to expand the business. With the help of his wife Martina as Financial Controller and a small dedicated team, those aspirations were met. Now with more than 17 years’ experience in the trade Coatek have worked on projects for some high profile clients p Google, Indeed and BNY Mellon whilst also building up their residential client

“We have grown so much in the past few years, through working with our local LEO and increasing our workforce to include new Office, Sales and Marketing roles within the company. It has been an exciting time for us even despite the upheaval of 2020,” Hugh reminisces

Established in 2004, Coatek’s main area of expertise focuses on window films. The range they carry features sun control, privacy, UV anti fade, security and energy saving film options.

“Window Films are becoming an increasingly popular option for people who are experiencing issues with sun glare, excessive heat build up, UV fading of home furnishings or privacy,” explained Mr Kenny.

Residential architecture has changed so much over the past few years and with the introduction of more glass into these designs the issues surrounding sun control have become more pressing.

“It’s often not until someone has moved in to their home and the first summer rolls around that they realise the amount of heat build up that can occur. I suppose people think Ireland doesn’t get much sun so it often comes as a surprise when the problem comes up and then they are not quite sure what options are out there, he enthused.

Sun control window films can hugely reduce heat and glare build up entering your home or building therefore transforming the comfort of your space while still allowing the maximum amount of light to enter.

“Some questions we get a lot are will it make my house dark? Or how do I keep as much light coming in as possible? And the answer is quite simple, we have a range of different strengths of film so it’s entirely up to you how light or dark you want to go. We are happy to offer advice when picking your film and will send you samples of each strength and where possible we will even organise a site visit by one of our team to discuss everything with you in person,” explains Mr Kenny.

Another consequence of the popularity of large windows or glass additions to new builds, is the reduction in your privacy, particularly in locations close to roads or public walkways.

“Privacy is a major concern for people who want to still enjoy the views from their home but don’t necessarily want everyone to be able to see into their house. We are seeing an increase in queries for privacy film in built up areas and apartments now too, as well as in homes close to popular walk ways, beaches and other scenic areas. Privacy film is a great option for this and again it comes in a range of strengths so you can choose the right one for you,” he imparted.

The move to working from home over the past year has seen an increase in callers to Coatek. Home offices have had to pop up all over Ireland and as people adjust their homes to accommodate their new day to day routine it has opened an opportunity for Coatek to step in.

“With people spending more time at home during the day we’ve actually seen an increase in residential customers. It’s incredibly difficult to work in a space if it’s too warm or the sun light is too direct and you don’t want to close curtains and block your views. The working day can be long enough without spending it in the dark! We have helped so many people who have set up their offices in their spare room, kitchens or even in conservatories, to make that space more comfortable and functional for however long they will need it.

For anyone considering window films or wondering if they might be the answer they have been looking for, Hugh’s advice is get in touch.

“We are always happy to talk through people’s options and we have dedicated residential representatives who have years of experience dealing with all kinds of issues so there’s no question they haven’t been asked. The simplest thing to do is visit our website www.coatek.ie because we have lots of examples of previous jobs we have completed which can give you an idea of the tinting, then you can contact us through the contact page or by calling the office and we will take it from there,” added Hugh.

Describing the core value that has sustained Coatek throughout it’s expansion, Hugh says “High quality customer service is as the very heart of everything we do. Whether it’s a large commercial building or a single window in a residential house our team are dedicated to providing the same care and attention each and every time.”

There has been some exciting news for Coatek in the past few weeks as they recently announced their status as an Accredited Window Film Dealer for 3M in Ireland which places them in an elite position within the country.

We are delighted to be given this elite accreditation, Coatek strive to bring high quality and excellent service to our clients and so it was a natural gravitation for us to become an official installer/supplier for 3M materials. 3M is a global science based technology company that is world renowned for innovation, quality, outstanding service and customer service. Their entire range of window films exudes the professionalism and quality that 3M are known for and that Coatek are dedicated to delivering to our clients. Hugh commented

As for the future of Coatek, there are big plans on the horizon.

“The past twelve months have been eye opening for us and many other businesses, going forward into the latter half of 2021 and indeed into 2022 we want to continue to expand and grow our offerings. Making a bigger impact on the signage, branding and graphics market is high on the list of priorities but window film is our first and foremost area of expertise so will remain at the heart of what we do. We would love to be able to attend some trade shows in person so we could meet our potential customers face to face again, we are absolutely looking forward to the brighter days ahead,” concluded Hugh Kenny.


Words: Emer Kelly Images: Webpress

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